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  1. Land Hooo!Tonight On Deck Sessions with Bully Trisk pulls into port at the amazing Storybook Estates with DJ Pillzi on board as this weeks special guest DJ! Enjoy the rush of the musical journey these mixologists will create with DJ's Choice as the genre!The show will run 6 to 8pm SLT and always Broadcast Live on BRM Radio! If you can't make it, feel free to tune in from anywhere 24/7 via the webplayer @ http://player.gclefhost.com/brm/PLAY IT LOUD!Inworld Limo --> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kraken/184/208/24
  2. Tonight, On Deck Sessions with Bully Trisk rolls into The 808. The incredibly talented DJ Energy will be Bully's guest this week and these two Live Mixologists will be throwin down The Breaks to craft the musical journey. Be sure to swerve right into The 808 tonight! All Broadcast Live on BRM Radio from 6 to 8pm SLT, if you can't make it just tune in via the web player 24/7 @ http://player.gclefhost.com/brm/Play It Loud!
  3. I LOVE seeing all the pictures & creative ideas everyone is coming up with for their homes. I still have not decorated mine (aside from a bed and a couple things lol). All the beautiful pictures shared here are definitely helping me come up with some ideas (& I haven't even made it thru all the pics set lol), and I definitely plan on spending some down time checking out the Open Houses. Everyone's doing such an amazing job! Keep up the great work & Thank You for sharing your homes!
  4. It's Friday Music Lovers! The BRM Radio Show is hitting the grid from 4pm to 8pmSLT @ Exhale Dance Club it's the only place to be on a Friday Night! We have 4 amazing hours with 4 Epic Djs lifting you up & carrying you away on the Musical Airwaves! 4pm-DJ Doug; 5pm-DJ Dolly; 6pm-DJ Evil Cupcake; 7pm-DJ FaceRemember, it'll all be simulcasted LIVE on BRM Radio http://player.gclefhost.com/brm// Exhale SLurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Exhale Resort/146/174/2009
  5. Tonight, May 9th 2019, On Deck Sessions with Bully Trisk arrives at Empire State Of Mind (ESOM) for this weeks installment! DJ Mouse and DJ Face are the special guests and together with the Bull will be "Droppin' Bombs!" Join in on this mind blowing musical journey 6 to 8pm SLT cause it's gonna get dirtehhh!Always broadcast Live on BRM Radio, if you can't make it in world, simply tune in via the webplayer 24/7 @ http://player.gclefhost.com/brm/PLAY IT LOUD! In-World Link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moorea Bay/206/65/823
  6. If you're just wanting to RP reading to an audience, but don't want anyone to actually be there listening, maybe set up the scene you're looking for on your land and just add in some fake mesh or animesh avatars (the animesh avis move around, they're super realistic)? Or, maybe finding a place themed like you desire that allows rez, and setting up your own avis? There's also some Bot services that use SL avatars and can be programmed to say things at certain times. although you would have to pay for each one so it would be pricey to have multiple ones.
  7. Okay, I think that is brilliant. And, I agree, I do not see anything "intensely violent" about it either. You can barely even see what I'm assuming is blood? 😄 If LL hasn't cared about it being there after 3-4 years, I doubt this one person's "killer of all things fun attitude" is going to make them care now. I say keep it there 😂
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