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  1. ----------- Hullo! Haven't posted in a while! So, this here is a project that I couldn't exactly nail down correctly as I just couldn't find the time. I wanted to include more fellas and more voices (and some better editing) but maybe another time! You can find a HQ version on my Flickr and I'd like to thank LL for featuring my work!
  2. "Quality Assurance is Unassured" Find an uncompressed vid here and here!
  3. ----- A small project inspired by some of my old PSX games. Hopefully, you get that vibe too!
  4. A "trailer" for one of my machinima projects. Hopefully, Second Life doesn't fall apart out of nowhere!
  5. I guess what I'm trying to describe is something that would make someone question if it's Second Life on first glance, you feel me? Lighting tricks, angle shots, foley work (my specialty lmao), anything that really pulls a vid together. That's what I'm looking for 😈 Stuff like this - Not to hawk my own stuff or anything. But I'm just hoping I'm not the only fella with these kinds of ideas, you feel me? Makes me feel like a super-nerd 😫
  6. Any fellas out there who like to try to make SL not look like SL? Hit me up, show me your stuff 😤 Just to give an idea, I'll post my recent stuff! I guess this doubles as something for anybody looking for vid help. There's also this but I can't be bothered to throw it up on youtube. Hit me up with your stuff if you've got something to share!
  7. Outfit for a vid project. Got a lot of Titanfall on my mind lmao
  8. Bloom and windlight set to "eye melting". I wish there was a decent Freya-type letterman that doesn't look like it shrunk down in the wash like, 5 times. Based off this and this. Tonktastic Bat, Addams cargos, Tonktastic FDT gloves, Rebellion Aviators, Contraption Reptilian Sneer, BUH BOY Player, O.CA Scarf, and the necklace is an in-joke, lmao
  9. Modified shaders on Black Dragon. SISU War Belt, L&B Aviator jacket, RAW HOUSE Orlando, Alliance Navy AN-1911.
  10. I did nearly all the soundwork for that group, so, y'know. Consider me for your future foley and soundwork needs. That's something neat about the combat scene, personally. Ripped mesh is frowned upon in the community, and most groups encourage their content creators to make completely original gear. Each military has some unique theme and it really lets artists shine.
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