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  1. Could "moltengl" at moltengl.com solve the Mac opengl problem?
  2. Here below is part of a fourm post I saved to my harddrive 6 years ago that explains how to create copies of a prim perfecty next to each other. I haven't tested it lately. Maybe it still works. Somebody showed me a building trick a while ago for perfectlyaligning copied prims next to each other, but I've forgottenthe sequence. Can someone remind me? It's something like:> SHift-drag to make the copy> Zoom in on the edge you want the new copy to join with> Hit 'magic keys'> Poof ... your copy is exactly next to the original*now it's driving me crazy, grrrr*While still in edit mode with the prim you want to copy, clickon the create tab and put a check in the Copy Selection box aswell as the Center Copy box. Now carefully select the face ofthe prim where you want the copy to sprout from and click onit. When doing walls, or any other thin edge, ZOOM in tightfirst :-) After creating your copied prim, uncheck the CopySelection, otherwise things can get interesting if youaccidentally click on other objects :-)
  3. I vaguly remember there was blog post by Linden Labs some years ago about how to do this. You just need to give your friends a slur address to your landing spot. like this one http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pooley/202/18/38 (not like this one) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pooley/202/18/38 Then tell your friend to click the big orange button in the upper right corner and start a membership. The orange button that says "Don't have a second life? Membership is free. Sign Up" The big orange button will signal the secondlife servers to land your friend right where you chose. So they can get training from you, in a peacefull place.
  4. I think maybe I have this problem too. Every viewer after changes my detected gpu from my ati radeon hd 5870 (in slot 2), to my nvidia gt 120 (in slot 1). I test every viewer linden labs releases hoping they've fixed it. Then it's simple enough to go back to viewer again, which chnages my detected viewer back to my ati radeon hd 5870 (in slot 2). (macpro 4.1->5.1 runing mountain lion). (nevermind, I successfully edited the gpu table)
  5. I just discovered MacOS Mountain Lion can easily send default audio output to multiple audio outputs by selecting "Create Multi-Output Device" in the Audio Midi Setup utility. No more teaching family members how to switch audio away from headset in this household. Now they just need to turn up the computer speakers. http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5178
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