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  1. My mac and cheese is far too good to ruin with ketchup, but I can at least see why people would do it...cheese and tomato is a pretty common combination. Besides, the mac and cheese in that picture is ruined anyway, it doesn't have the lovely crispy browned bits. Pineapple, that is to say a sweet, exotic, juicy fruit, on a pizza? That's immoral.
  2. Is there really no way we can somehow go back to wear the shape, wear the skin, wear the hair, maybe add the eyelashes/nails if you really are a sucker for details, wear the clothes? I always found that that kept me busy enough, you never knew how skins and shapes would combine so there was quite enough experimentation in that for me.
  3. It's the only explanation that makes sense. And given how popular it is...Perhaps I should go back to wearing a crucifix.
  4. He does similar stuff with other roleplay based games. Watched one the other day where he just kept marrying rich women, taking everything then divorcing them. And setting things on fire. Hmm, maybe he's Maddy.
  5. Ok, so I know I'm veggie, but black pudding? I can understand why someone might want a crispy bacon rasher or a burger, but cooked blood held into a solid by a few extra bits? Really? Why?
  6. I'll avoid references to spotted d*ck as nobody actually makes that now or even knows what it is, though we do joke about it. But our government is most definitely an Eton mess.
  7. It's the leftover veg from your Sunday roast, all mixed up with the leftover potato (roasted or mashed) and fried together. I made extra veg on Christmas Day so I could do bubble and squeak on Boxing Day. Delicious and veggie with a lovely name that comes from the sound it supposedly makes while cooking.
  8. I don't really have any interest in doing that myself, so maybe I'm just about redeemable as a human being. But I do enjoy a channel where Sims with names like Ellis Dee and Beth Amphetamine (who have cats called Spleens, Tonsils and Tibia; the animals never come to harm, that would upset me) walk through a pointless 1000 mile corridor and then the Grim Reaper takes about half an hour to find them going through the same route. I also liked the ones where he removed all washing facilities or just dumped about 100 of them in a tiny house and removed all the exit doors and left them to it. So I guess it's a toss-up.
  9. Fair enough. I've never played it, I'm not a gamer. I just find his channel to be an entertaining concept and his commentary is very good too. Once he made the inside of the house a 1000 mile long spiral corridor with a couple of food and toilet rooms. When the Sims started dying of exhaustion and starvation, the Grim Reaper showed up and then also started making his way on foot through the passageway to reach them, took bloody ages. I did crack up when I saw that. Someone did tell me at length last week that I am effectively the Antichrist, maybe it's true.
  10. Ageing? Don't think I've seen that one. He just does stuff like build houses with 2000 rooms, remove all the bathrooms and so on. Plus he names all the cats after internal organs (the main one is called Spleens, or is it Tonsils?). I've never played the Sims, maybe that's why I find it funny.
  11. Forgive me if you already know, but if you like The Sims 4, you'll love GrayStillPlays on YouTube.
  12. Well done. It's very hard sacrificing food you enjoy. It helps to have a lot of cookbooks and new recipes to try so you don't feel deprived. If you get veggie cookbooks for different cuisines, eg Indian, Chinese etc, you have more variety too. Green leafy veg and linseed/olive/hempseed/rapeseed oil will get you your omega 3. Unpopular opinion continued: I think most people should eat less meat and try to be closer to eating locally sourced, in season foods. Including myself, for the latter.
  13. I've played evil characters. It was fine, it was only RP and for the purpose of the story. I was friends with everyone involved and we knew where the scene was ultimately going to go. I once even had someone request that I kill off his character...he wanted the character to die for various reasons and thought a scene with me was the most fun way to do it. He said he really enjoyed it. Actors always say it's more fun to play the bad guy. Though maybe not the method actors. But it's supposed to be mutual fun. If you don't think you can do it without harming yourself, then don't. I had plenty of disconnect...it wasn't wish fulfilment RP, although I enjoyed it a lot.
  14. Both of those, plus a number of others (not the Chalet School, though, hated that series). I actually can't remember the titles or authors of the others, which is a shame because I do remember they were much more sophisticated and interesting than Blyton. I also liked Searle's Nigel Molesworth series (I say Searle's, he was the illustrator).
  15. I read a lot of the classic British boarding school stories growing up (I wonder if people outside of the UK are aware of how Harry Potter fits into that genre and its influence? I don't know how well known it is in other countries.). I always wanted to do midnight feasts and shutting the gym mistress in the games cupboard and all that, but I didn't go to boarding school. Secondary school (high school, whatever) is a hard time for most people, even the people who made it look easy. It's just a hard time of life, full stop. I certainly had my share of nasty people (and if you knew what I was like back then, you'd know why), but we were all kids in transition. I don't need to be in contact with them now, but I'm not going to judge someone their entire life on their 15-year-old self.
  16. Granted, the reason is because you have suddenly become totally repellent to everybody and it's the only way you can get anyone to even look at you. Also, the fashions have changed. I wish I had done that pile of washing up before it spot welded itself to the counter.
  17. The furries I've met have all been lovely. I've not met many as I've never really gone to places they frequent, but whenever I've met one, they've always been perfectly pleasant. Goths are totally lovely too.
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