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  1. I hope someone out there can offer some help. I rent a region, and have done so for some months. For the last week or so, I have had real trouble staying logged in there. I crash, and then cannot log in to home. If I log in elsewhere, I crash upon trying to teleport home. If I teleport to an adjacent region, my land is missing--all I see is ocean. I have to restart my computer to see my region again. I can log in elsewhere and have very little lag. I can teleport around without crashing. Only my home region causes me to crash, then it idisappears. I have restarted the region, but it didn't help. When I am in long enough to check things on the statistics bar, the time dilation is between .999 and 1. Sim FPS are 45. The spare time is between 18 and 19. The last collision I had was in October. The only thing that I can tell that is off in the statistics bar is the Ping Sim and Packet loss. These bars shoot all the way over to the right . I have checked all the information I can on Ping sim, and all I see is that it can go bad because of one's network connection. Yet everywhere else I go in SL, my Ping sim and Packet loss are near zero. There are no objects on the regions except what I own, and no one there but me. Can anyone tell me what's wrong?
  2. Let's say the button in the radar goes away. Fine. I open my world map, click the box that shows people, chose a random green dot, and TP right next to it. Removing the button in radar will do nothing to stop random people from TPing into your space. The only thing that can prevent random people dropping in is making your land private. If keeping random folks from TPing into your property is important to you, perhaps you should consider renting land where the landlord allows you to make your parcel private.
  3. The only time I read text with a tone/inflection/accent in my head is when reading a book written in first person by someone whose voice I am familiar with (such as a radio personality who writes a book), or when a book has been adapted into a film, in which case I hear the voices of the actors. In those circumstances, I can't help but hear the words in a particular voice--I can't "turn it off" even if I want to. Other than those circumstances, I never associate a voice with written text--in books, forums, or anywhere. Still less do I imagine a physical being or a setting. By the way, I read a *lot,* both for my job and for pleasure. I usually have a couple of novels going at any given time. I'm not sure that I would expect to find that the tendency to assign a voice to a text is greater among the population that enjoys Second Life, but I would not be at all surprised to find that it is common among those who enjoy role-playing. I've never been able to see the point of role-playing, and I suspect that it requires a tendency to interact with the other players as "characters" whom you have fleshed-out in your own mind, which I simply can't do.
  4. I agree too. Where I live in RL there is a lot of open, semi-wooded land. Some people fence and/or post "no trespassing" signs, others don't. People walk over/play on/walk dogs on the land without signs or fences. I don't think that walking on someone's unfenced land, land without a "no trespassing" sign, is at all the same as walking into somebody's house. It is so easy to block a parcel in SL to visitors. Anyone who wants to post a virtual "no trespassing" sign can just close a parcel to the public. I don't walk into SL homes, but I wouldn't think twice about exploring an unblocked parcel.
  5. After reading a couple of these threads, it seems to me that it might be possible to consider new users are belonging to one of two groups--those who really want to learn from other people and who need a social connection to a group, and those (like me) who prefer to learn alone--who would log off and never return if forced to have a buddy or mentor or go to a populated region to learn the ropes. Perhaps new users could be allowed to choose their portal to enter SL. They could select either (1) go to a hang-out with folks who can help you learn your way around, or (2) go to a private location to learn from tutorials at your own pace. For this to work, LL would have to do the hard part, namely, having an up-to-date, vetted, and monitered list of places that have mentors who are reliable, friendly, and available, as well as a place with video tutorials. I like Jo's idea of having that second system in an off-site web page. It would cost money to set up and maintain these portals. But as others have said, SL has a considerable learning curve. If retention of new users is important to LL, then they should probably be prepared to invest in it.
  6. I have read every answer in this thread and would like to make one comment that I think hasn’t been made yet. While I believe that for many people—even most—social engagement is what makes SL attractive, there are also people like me who gravitate towards a virtual world because they are shy/antisocial. I did not go into SL to meet people. I never had or wanted to be taken under somebody’s wing. I would have quit if forced to “buddy up” with a stranger. I am in-world frequently—several times a week—and rarely speak to anyone, except to make the occasional comment in a large group chat. I have no interest in “adult” activities in SL. Yet I get a lot out of SL, and have done so for the past five years. I build, I run a shop, I own property that I like to redecorate, I participate in charity events, go dancing, listen to live music, shop, walk my dog, explore. I enjoy the experience more because I find it so peaceful and relaxing not to have to make conversation with people. So sure—make group contacts and connecting with in-world helpers easier for new accounts, but please don’t force them on everyone. You’d drive off the leave-me-alone-while-I-build (or do whatever) types. You may not hear from us much in the Forums, but we are in SL.
  7. In the United States, commercial establishments can refuse service to anyone they choose, for any reason or no reason, unless they discriminate using a category protected by law against discrimination. For example, if I had a store in a state that prohibits discrimination on the basis or race, religion, and national origin, it would be against the law for me to refuse service to people because they were Irish, or because they were Catholic. But it would not be illegal for me to refuse service to anyone not wearing shoes or a shirt. (“No shirt, no shoes, no service” signs are, in fact, pretty common.) Unless the state or federal government prohibited discrimination based on eye or hair color, I would have the right to refuse service to blue-eyed blonds. And so on. In most states stores would be permitted to refuse service to, say, lawyers, to tall people, to anyone between the ages of 20 and 30, to people using cell phones, to people wearing polka-dots. If someone proved that a store was actually discriminating against a protected category by doing something like saying that they refuse service to curly-haired people, but actually refusing service only for curly-haired people who appeared to be African American, then the store would be in trouble. But willy-nilly discrimination against any people for any reason other than the few prohibited categories is quite legal. Beyond the restrictions against certain specific kinds of discrimination already in the TOS, I would not want LL to interfere with the ability of the person who pays the rent/tier for a parcel to control who may or may not enter it, no matter what is on the parcel—a store, a house, or empty space.
  8. I'm not a tech expert by any means, so I can't explain what happened to you. However, there have been a few occasions over the years when the music playing in one location continued to play for me after TPed to another location, after I turned off music in preferences, and even (briefly) after I shut down second life. I don't know why the music stream sometimes persists. But when it happened to me, there was nothing suspicious about it, no reason to suspect that anyone intentionally caused the music to continue. Also, there are times when I've gotten ruthed, or had other deformities occur. Again, there was nothing suspicious about it. So it is quite possible that it was a coincidence that the sound continued to play and you experienced a deformity after watching a disturbing video.
  9. I used the alpha masks provided in the demos--it never occured to me to do otherwise. Even so, more than half the demo items showed bits of me poking through the garment, while I was standing perfectly still.
  10. So, this weekend I decided to test some mesh clothes. I was dubious because, at present, rigged mesh clothing aligns with some avatar sliders but not with others so that some dimensions of the clothing are fixed by the designer. I had already looked into the free mesh jeans provided by one (talented) designer, and was disappointed to find that the sizes were (to my eyes): waif, skinny, and enormous. I was afraid that all mesh clothes would be too big or too small. But I read about the “standard sizes” and wanted to test them for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the “large” standard size was pretty close to my avatar in most of the specified dimensions. I went into appearance and changed my sliders to exactly match the large, and was pleased to see that my avatar looked pretty much the same. And while I hate to admit it, to the degree it looked different, it looked more natural. So far, so good. And my thanks to the folks who surveyed all those avatars to develop these sizes. I tried on a whole bunch of demos. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that more than half of the items marked “large” by designers claiming to follow standard sizing did not fit. Mind you, the stuff that did fit—all made by two or three designers—looked pretty darn amazing. I called a friend over to my monitor to see my new dress—she didn’t know about mesh, or that I was trying a new creation type, but had seem my avatar in SL many times over the years—and her first comment was “Wow! That looks so real!” I love the movement in skirts. I love not having to adjust belts, sleeves, etc. I spent a couple of thousand lindens on mesh clothes before the weekend was over and am very pleased with them. But in more than half of the clothes marked “large” by designers claiming to use the standard sizing, my breasts poked through the front of sweaters, or showed below the bust line of gowns, or my stomach, tush, or thighs showed through pants and skirts. Sure, I didn’t waste money because the demos were free or almost free. The designers whose stuff fit got all my lindens and those whose stuff didn’t fit got none. But I might easily have given up after the first few things didn’t fit, and then no designer would have made any sales. I do not create mesh, but speculated that the fit had something to do with my avi’s height—a mere 5.3 on the sliders. My guess—and it’s only a guess—is that the clothes that didn’t fit were tested by their designers only on tallish avatars and didn’t scale down well, while the clothes that did fit were tested on mid-range avatars so as to have less distortion scaling up and scaling down. Whatever the cause, mesh clothes marketed as conforming to a standard size that *don’t* fit avatars whose sliders exactly match the specified dimensions will surely undermine consumer confidence in these standards. Something for mesh clothing designers to think about…
  11. Years ago a mall opened next to my home on first, small Mainland parcel. The mall had a random money giver. It was set to include part of my parcel too. As I was often the only avi around, I got free money while rearranging my garden, playing with my dog, sorting my inventory... The mall didn't last long.
  12. Yes, I remember a couple of incidents of people getting in trouble for using the name "Linden." I think perhaps the issue may be here, in the "Second Life Brand Center" (one of the additional terms and policies incorporated into the TOS): "No Suggestion of Endorsement. Never use any Linden Lab trademark in a manner that implies a false relationship with or sponsorship, endorsement, or employment by Linden Lab." By having an avatar speak using the name of a specific Linden employee, one might be seen as suggesting that the person operating the avatar works for Linden Lab. The word "Linden" is listed as one of the trademarks. The text appeared in a different color than ordinary local chat, so if this episode were to be AR'd, the reviewer might choose to interpret the situation as not really being an attempt to have someone appear to impersonate an employee. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if such an AR were taken seriously. In regard to the claim that this use of a Linden name represented a legally protected criticism or satire, I'm not sure that would hold. It was intended as a joke, sure, but that may or may not qualify as a protected use. An AR of this episode might be ignored. But I wouldn't want to bet my account on it.
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