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  1. ABUSE OF THE GAME Treasure Quest

    Yes, you are right about that. I had already read everything about them but didn't believe it until something hppened to me.
  2. ABUSE OF THE GAME Treasure Quest

    The point is I really wasn't looking for any help. I got unbanned yesterday, and as soon as I went to one of their lands , the "landlord" showed up to admonish me and say I was going to get banned for life if I didn't go to another lands as well. I felt persecuted. Really, is this necessary? I am afraid to do anything that will bother her. I just don't need this. I just want to complain and warn others.
  3. ABUSE OF THE GAME Treasure Quest

    I just got banned from TQ for clicking on a gem that was behind the wall of a "castle", As a matter of fact I've been accused of camming or something like that, which I assume is to look for coins or gems with the search engine, which I haven't. I was near the gem and I spotted it because there is one point at going up the ramp of the castle where I can almost go through the wall. Even after explaining this I have been banned, and of course they will not pay me my well- earned 60 or so lindens , that I am trying to save to buy a body for my avatar since I cannot afford to spend not even a cent of real money on a game, given my precarious economical position. After I paid the administrator the linden I had earned clicking on that gem, I think I have the right at least to defend my position. There should be exceptions. I know there are people who abuse the game, but I am not one of them. I hardly earn 10 lindens a day the days I can play, so I don't see why I am the public enemy to be banned. And yes, I also think not paying me the money I had been saving for days is theft.