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  1. yes I get your point, what I mean then is having two avatars sharing the same account. hope that clears it
  2. I tend to agree with you, if there was an advantage then it might be feasible but your right too much to undertaken for very little gain. Wonder if any news ideas are coming out of the LL camp with for 2014?
  3. A sharing of one account would have its adantages , but I can understand why LL would never do this and that would be that more than one person could share an account and its privileages thus depriving LL of a potenual customer opening thier own account. As for clothes and other items, I can understand that sharing would be an isssue but am sure with the perms in place at the moment this would not be capable. I just feel having two alts of one account is a good idea for what ever reason.
  4. yes very good point,s I was thinking maybe the money and the land, as right with perms one can build on other persons land with thier permission. maybe sharing no transfer/ share would pose a problem but I could live with that
  5. As many might agree, some main account holders probally have a 2nd Alt, I like to belive that in most cases this not for devous reasons but would it not be nice if Lindens allowed one account memership holder to be able to have more than one Alt to share the account, IEEE the land, money. I would think is a good idea what are your thoughts
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