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  1. So I tried the Superposition benchmark test since that one is more recent, and it didn't crash at all. They told me that even though it uses OpenGL, SL most likely uses different scripting and programing and such. I might try the Heaven one you linked, just in case that somehow makes a difference. I've also sent a email to my computer maker and am waiting on a response on that, so we shall see. I just have to say, though, thank you for trying to help, guys! I appreciate it, even if by the end of this, the problem doesn't get fixed.
  2. Origin PC is the company who built the computer, yes. I just pretty much asked them to build a computer for me play games at max, and they wrote up a parts list. So the parts you see there were mostly their choice, I honestly am not too knowledgeable about computer components. I'll try messaging them about it and see what they have to say. My main worry with that is I could just see them saying something like "Well if it's only effecting just this one game, then it's must be the game, can't help with that." Though actually, their customer support is usually super helpful so we shall see.
  3. Just really odd that it would start causing problems now. I've been using SL with this computer since I got it, and it only recently started doing this. I maaay have to message my builder's technical support. Though don't know how far that will go considering how different SL is compared to most games.
  4. So I did the test I believe everything seems to be in order there. Here's the test results. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuoMuV-XF_o7qBLjbfnUfk5PCl4w And no, I don't notice any sort of weird power fluctuations. My computer does in fact shut completely off, then just comes right back on. Only happens when I run second life for a random amount of time. How would I go about doing that? Excuse me, am kind of a computer noob here. I think my builder overclocked the PC, however.
  5. I haven't really changed anything that I can recall. I don't get a error log at all, it just shuts off, then boots back up. I just tested the original Second Life viewer, and it crashed with this as well. So I guess it's not a problem with Firestorm itself.
  6. So, recently I've been having this problem where I'll be using firestorm perfectly fine, then randomly my computer shuts off, then comes back on. I checked to see if my computer was overheating, and all of the temperatures are fine and not really hot at all. I've updated graphic drivers, done a clean install of Firestorm and yet the problem still persists. I tried seeing if the problem happens in other games, like Overwatch, but that ran fine and didn't crash the computer. This has never happened before, and things was fine until recently. I attached my computer specs in case that helps at all
  7. For some reason, parts of my avatar refuses to load. She was working fine yesterday, but all of a sudden, I started getting these triangles over the parts that won't load. Can someone please help me?
  8. I'm also having trouble figuring out where to find this avatar. Can someone please help?
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