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  1. Oh so that's why it's like that, thank you so much! You're right, it looks normal after exiting "edit outfit".
  2. So I decided to makeover woman AVI and just know Maitreya has update, I tried to use the BoM but there's bad UV happened at left arm and legs. Dunno what happened there, and it happens to all system skin. Anyone can help me? Thanks
  3. Stray Dog isn't BoM till this date of this post... The creator is pretty slow and broke other promises and keep making head applier lol. I do prefer using Birth and Not Found now (both supports BoM).
  4. Dad bods isn't overweight like that, so no sorry this one looks good as well, will giving a try later, thank you!
  5. This one looks pretty legit dad bods! Thank you! I'll give it a try soon
  6. At this point I'm tired having a muscly body, and now i had a mood to make my avi has a dad bod. Is there any body that can transformed to dad bod without those abs? So far I only know Not Found has skin to become chubby. Thank you.
  7. It's still for female huh... Wonder if the male one is there or not... :(
  8. Which male heads are those? Do you have pics?
  9. Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake is the most favourite for clothes designer mostly. As for head, Catwa and Lelutka (especially Guy) is quite popular as well.
  10. Do we have someone who sell pose stand with animation to test physics? Please lemme know is there's any. Thank you :)
  11. Now the question is... Is it male or female head?
  12. well i did have my old Jake's outfit and I don't have problem on wrist. Not sure what happened there but I just wear the original one, not original arm or feet, and I can wear old Jake's outfit.
  13. You can wear original one in same folder of Jake 2.0. Also if you didn't know yet, we got Jake 2.1 already.
  14. Pretty much those stuffs that you listed already covered. Also Birth has some asian skin and also polynesian as well like Ripley skin applier.
  15. Not making sense at all lmao, I had both Lelutka Andrea and Guy before Black Friday and I didn't upset at all when it got discount.
  16. Sounds like a toxic masculinity contest to me... 🙄
  17. I can't relate with these because I usually hangout at gay community sims. So barely see the females (duh). 😁
  18. I won't recommend Not Found because they only have 1 male asian skin. I'd say mudskin is more asian focused.
  19. Mostly my friend complaint about how hard the control and the clothing system
  20. Eh? Firestorm with BoM running fine on my PC. Maybe you need new computer? 😆
  21. Can you recommend for male system skin that fits nice with BoM body such as gianni or geralt?
  22. It happens on my male legacy as well and i thought am i doing the alpha wrong or something?
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