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  1. Thanks Skell! really great advice, I managed to get the new beard, looks amazing!! Do you know of any decent designers for very short hair, shaved etc?... are you able to be contacted “in world” at all?..might be useful to have a live chat with you if pos.
  2. Hi there, Hopefully someone might help. 1. Could anyone recommend a large/tall/strong/dominant looking male shape? I’m not looking for a muscle builder type, just a shape that is solid/well built with good arm /leg proportions. 2. I currently have a catwa head and signature body with an avenge skin, could anyone recommend a good looking skin for a mid-30’s male, again quite well built looking with strong facial features, (jaw line etc) I’d like him to have a substantial beard also, only decent place I can find beards is at Volkstone currently. Very much appreciated if anyone could give advice. ?? Roth.
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