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  1. Ohhh that is an option the Gianni does not have....to not bake the system skin. THAT is why I can do just clothes and he is stuck with autobaking the system skin!
  2. My problem is I want to use the skin that comes with the body but BOM the clothes as he is not fussy and has an extensive wardrobe already. Is there a blank skin I can use that will let the gianni skin show? Also the head is Gianni. The eyes on it look awful but after dropping that kind of dough I will just look for a head skin. Or complete skin. Also I am suprised it bakes the skin layer on as my matrya body doesn't on BOM
  3. So I am trying to revamp my husband's av and bought him a Gianni body and head as well as other things. The BOM seems like a complete cluster F. Everytime I try to use it, it either bakes on the default skin I had on his av (which I can't take off) or it brings his old body back on top of his new body!! Same with the head!! What am I doing wrong?!?!? I only just recently figured out turning myself to mesh so I am on a steep learning curve here. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  4. With some help in world and with the resources you guys have given me I finally pulled the trigger and am SOOOOO happy with what I ended up with. It was a lovely mother's day present from my son and husband to be able to spend so much in game. Now I am working on my husband's transition. What are the best and most popular male Ava makers? I am finding very few options. I'd love one that isn't ripped to crazy amounts and also need advice on good compatible functioning "parts". Thank you in advance!!
  5. Any way someone could share teleport links to the major accepted body and head makers? I am finding it hard to find them in SL. Or stores that sell them?
  6. Some people have told me classic avs make you look like a noob. I can see the points you are talking about. I bought a really expensive couple of skins I LOVE and basically identify with, with BoM can I still try to use them?
  7. I am also in a similar boat here. My head swims when I try to figure out the whole mesh thing. What you posted was extremely helpful, thank you so much! I am 12 years and 4 months old but kind of stopped coming around the time mesh was being added. I love my system av but am open to changing to mesh. What I don't understand is what is better about mesh? Thanks for any help you can give to us old newbies!! Also, am I understanding that if I get an applier I can still use the classic skins I bought years ago (or try to see if they work with the body/face)?
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