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  1. Thank you. I'll try this with my sliders. I'll also stop in at the stores you mentioned. Do you have any recommendations for hair? I prefer Stealthic for its alpha hairline and realistic strand texture but the men's line is limited if one isn't into fades. Thank you. Thank you. It is. I stopped in there for demos and didn't see anything that struck me as "masculine" beyond a pretty boy K-pop aesthetic that doesn't interest me. I'll look again. Thank you. I agree. I felt the skins too youthful and pretty for my goal. I'll look again and try to env
  2. Thank you. I just picked up the demo. Akeruka isn't a name I saw come up in searching for Asian skins. Are there any that you recommend? Thank you. I appreciate what you've done with your Gianni arms. What was your approach in slimming them down? I don't know where to begin with mesh clothing. Menswear options have always seemed in short supply (hence my circa 2012 wardrobe). My style would probably be considered classic, clean cut, or smart casual: polished and tailored. I prefer sweaters and trousers, sport coats and turtlenecks, dark jeans, leather shoes, that sort of th
  3. I’m new to mesh and would like a strong but attractive Asian male face and an Asian fitness model physique. Please note that I do not want to recreate the below face. It's only an example. I've picked up the following demos. Are there any that I missed that I should look at? How do the bodies compare and contrast? Which bodies currently have the most clothing content available? Heads - Akeruka Yang - Catwa Dino, Skell, Victor - Lelutka Andrea, Guy Bodies - Belleza Jake - Exmachina Davide - Legacy Meshbody - Niramyth Aesthetic - Signat
  4. Hello, I'd like to create this character as an avatar for roleplay, but as a "realistic" person, not anime-style. I'm visiting store after store but coming up short on skin, shape, hair, everything. Any recommendations? Excellent quality is essential. Front Right Left Full -- His physique is lean and sculpted without being bulky or overly-defined, think classic swimmer Additional reference images can be found through Google here. Thank you!
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