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  1. There are two I can recommend with experience. Pro Bento VaJayJay VAW vag_ina - Rigged puss_y
  2. As far as I know, they don't. It's just a term that grew over the years.
  3. We Are Totally Exhausted, Really. D R O P S
  4. Hey Stella, Welcome to the Forum. theer are plenty of people that love roleplay as well, and I don't doubt you will be able to find someone you can have your roleplay fun with. One thing that might help finding people is for them to know in which timezone you are. You can have an awesome connection with someone, but if you hardly meet because they are at work while you are online, or they are online while you are sleeping, you won't be able to connect that much. I for one might be someone to help you with some of the questions you posted in the various boards of this forum, but I am currently at work with no access to an inworld viewer. If right now would be your default online time, it would be hard for us to meet online.
  5. Original account got created early June 2009. So just over 10 years. Seems I'm still a youngster in this thread.
  6. I think that despite the possibly sensitive content, you're going to get better answers in the Wanted Forum. I think it shouldn't be much of a problem since everything is covered, albeit barely.
  7. WASD. Hand placement. 'Nuff said. When wanting to chat, I press enter first to activate chat bar, then type to use chat.
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