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  1. Due to activity on SalemWhiteraven's thread, I have decided to write a in-depth overview of House Vakii'el and what we are, to clear any confusion the best that I can. Note: House Vakii'el is part of a larger Role-play called "Land of Monova RP". House Vakii'el is one of the 6 Great Houses of Monova. The race of Monovian is that similar to LoTR Elves, but less arrogant and act more like humans. They are ageless so they can not die via age, but disease and being slain can still kill them. House Vakii'el represents the element of Fire out of the 6 Great Houses. Their culture similarity is Feudal Japan, and the Head of House is title "Sou'Ka" or "First Head" (A custom elven language has been developed specifically for this universe, so other elven languages are gibberish.) House Vakii'el are masters of War and are the most feared (in terms of combat) out of ALL Great Houses, because going to War with House Vakii'el is seen as suicide due to their reputation of Ferocity and being ruthless. Their house motto is "Through the Ashes." and it serves as both a warning and a battlecry. (For example, "House Vakii'el will prevail against them, through the ashes of their enemies"). Since this House is that of Fire, they can bend said element to their will. Their most advanced elite are taught Lightning Generation to be able to produce bolts of Lightning. Current Leadership House Sou'Ka (First Head): Kodia Vakii'el (chaosninja7) House Dai'Ka (Second Head (Heir): - - - House Sou'Ja (Head's Spouse): Azrael Vakii'el (SalemWhiteraven) House Warrior Corps Ji'Tai (Commander): - - - House Scout Corps Ji'Tai (Commander): - - - DISCORD SERVER = https://discord.gg/S5kADAB
  2. Update: We are elves. (I wouldn't touch Gor with a ten foot pole.) Think LOTR elves and not WoW. Mixed with Game of Thrones. Mixed with Avatar: The Last Airbender (just the bending elements part).
  3. chaosninja7 here, coming with an update of our House (and no, its not a Klingon House). 1. The Great War arcing story line has been going well on Discord. The RP in general is more active on Discord and the new House forums we have. If anyone wishes for the Discord, just ask me or SalemWhiteraven.
  4. House Vakii'el is a elven rp with the Asiatic feudal theme set in its own universe. We are seeks medieval type warriors and even civilian positions. RP Family. We also have our own Discord: https://discord.gg/S5kADAB All info will be given if you wish to commit and become something.
  5. message me in-world and we can discuss your future. "chaosninja7 Resident"
  6. Hello there! House Vakii'el is looking for members to join its family! its a fantasy rp with a Japanese influence throughout~ it has a rich backstory and history in it. it gives the players an opportunity to be themselves and write freely! as well as being a part of a family and a rp community that is built to not only support but help each player as they go, whether that be letting them freely express themselves, teaching them how to write a bit better or just to have fun! we care about every member of this family~ If you are interested contact user name chaosninja7 and SalemWhiteraven to discuss joining and other small details! come help us grow our family~
  7. im here for you if u like. IM me. "chaosninja7 Resident" is me in-world
  8. The following picture is an outfit i wish to have made for Maitreya Lara. The color i wish for modify so i can customize it. The max i will spent for this custom Quality outfit is 10,000 L$. In-World Contact Only Please. My IM's are never capped. Or leave a NC if thats what you prefer. "chaosninja7" (Kodia DarkSoul)
  9. I am looking someone to help me make a particle script for a Musket i sculpted. aka a plum of smoke when fired and shot sound.
  10. Ever wanted to be a member of a cause? To be part of a loving family that takes care of its own? Well look no further, The DarkSoul Family is open to those who wish to have a family. The DarkSoul Family also has a Defense Force, led by the Sakurauchi Branch of the DarkSoul Family. The Defense Force is the bulwark against family threats and a disciplined and regimented military. The Sakurauchi Defense Force is the structured military branch of the Family, similar to the Gotei 13 and Soul Society from the anime "Bleach", by Tite Kubo, in terms of ranks and structure. The Defense force is for those in the family who are more combat and military oriented. To join, please contact in-world: (DSF) DarkSoul Family (Civilian Branch) = Revan2127 Resident (DSDF) DarkSoul Family - Sakurauchi Defense Force (Military Branch) = chaosninja7 Resident
  11. i'll be your friend "chaosninja7" (Nodoka Shijou)
  12. Hello, I am starting to get interested in animation and somewhat know to basics of Blender animating. But i wish to figure out how to convert premade MMD (MikuMikuDance) dances into Second Life. Since SL doesn't use or read VMD motion files I just need a way to bring MMD into Blender then export as BVH files. Thanks.
  13. Star Shine Idol Group™ is looking for people who love music and dancing. Our goal is to become a famous SL idol group and to start the Idol trend. If you don't know what an Idol is please watch the animes (yes homework) called "iDOLM@STER" and "Love Live!" this shows and explains what Idols are. If you don't wish to watch the anime's here is a brief description what0 an Idol is: Positions: - Producer - Finds venues for performing, as well as sets up publicity jobs. Such as photo-shoot's or autograph signing, etc. - Idol - Be an Idol with us.... By Audition ONLY, No freebies for this position sorry. - Public Relations Assistant - Publicize the Star Shine Group via Classified's and talking to fans. Get us known. - Personal Assistant - Assigned an Idol to consul and help with whatever they need. - Dance Trainer - Animators that create the very dances we perform at Live performances. Interview and Resume Required. - Vocal Trainer - Creates the songs and music scores they we dance and sing too. (Not actual SL Voice, Will go over.) Interview and Resume Required. Requirements: - Maturity - Don't be childish if something doesn't go your way. - Age - SL account must be 1 month (30 days) old for any position and have knowledge of Avatar customization. Meaning no noobs. - Honesty - Don't hide things from staff for personal gain. This co-exists with the first Requirement. - Activity - Try your very best to as active as you can if your not an idol. Contact me In-World for info or auditions: "chaosninja7 Resident" Official Website: http://starshineidolgroup.webs.com/
  14. The Town of Nightingale is a small role-play town that is set in North Carolina, We have two Police departments, two Fire departments, and a hospital ready to all be filled with staff. We also allow the use of vehicles in the town (5 whole sims big) and offer a wide variety of Housing for renter. From apartments to full fledged houses. The Town is kid-friendly for RPing, we even have a preschool daycare center. If you would like to rent here you can contact one of the following people: - Alei Bookmite Nightingale = alexus.christen Resident (Owner) - Jay Biafra = julian.quinzet Resident (General Manager) - Tuggy Nightingale = xtugboatx Resident (Manager)
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