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  1. I never read the books so to me Gor is very very weird. TO ME, it just looks like slave simulator with no womens rights what so ever. Its a Man's world simulator.
  2. Uber strong and 0 weaknesses = "GOD" modding. Kinda why it has the term God in the name. again, i came from IMVU. Trust me when i say, way different over there.
  3. I know this as Autohitting, not godmodding.
  4. I wasn't taught on SL, most of my experience comes from IMVU.
  5. I hired a person to custom make a outfit for Maitreya for 12,000 L$...at the time i was stupid and naive, and said yes. paid 11k of it upfront...only to be removed and blocked a week later, no product. Which I learned then to never pay a dime upfront. Ive still have yet to be reimbursed 11k. x.x
  6. Thought I write some basics to roleplay that I WAS TAUGHT/GO BY. Again, this is what i use. These are not set in stone, just personally used as my rule-of-thumb. First, Godmodding. - Godmodding is having a character who is uber strong and zero weakness that cannot be killed. Everything can die. Even you. Second, Metagaming. - Metagaming is using Out-of-Character (OOC) information In-Character (IC). Just because you are aware of the information does NOT mean your character does. Third. YOU are NOT your character. So don't take crap personal if something happens IC, such as insults. Fourth.... Your character has limits, whether physical or mental. Example is sprinting for days straight and completely fine and no fatigue. Limits keep you from Godmodding. Thats all I can think of right now. Help it helps.
  7. How is everyone doing today?
  8. Yes, I'd say come to SL. As a IMVU user for 6 years straight, I can assure you that SL is better. More customization for your avatar and no stupid upload KB limit, be creative in what you make. If you lag, just simply adjust your settings, which have way more adjustability then IMVU. IMVU also, from my 6 year experience, has a 💩 ton more community drama then SL. WHICH IS WHY I LEFT. tl:dr = SL is better.
  9. I personally tend to stay away from the whole SL family stuff. Especially when the "parents" have like 7+ "kids", also when the parents have cutesy nicknames like "Hubby" or "Wifey". *****ing creepy. Like people, you not *****ing children anymore, stop with the kiddie cutesy *****, ITS NOT CUTE, just creepy.
  10. I never said i expected anything.
  11. I did say IMHO...... aka IN MY HONEST OPINION. And I also respect your replies, but civily disagree.
  12. IMHO, Bloodlines is just a pyramid scheme. Only person getting rich is the Creator of Bloodlines.
  13. i'ma look into this? could i get a link to the viewer?
  14. add me in-world if u want. "chaosninja7"
  15. Anyone know if there are any Gothic Victorian cathedrals? or Gothic Victorian sims?
  16. -pats head- I know that feeling. I pirate a lot of things.
  17. Just watched Monster High: Boo York. Worth it. Good friggin music for a kids movie, but the voices are superb. My favorite:
  18. um no, VPN or Virtual Private Network, are used to mask your online IP so your not tracked.
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