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  1. my main peeve is the lack of anime avatars being allowed. RP sims always are "Anime not allowed. Period." or "If its anime its a child." bull*****. Like seriously I've seen ALOT of very good anime fantasy avi's with adult porportions and still are denied, why you ask.....because of the "genre hate". I personally prefer an anime avi over a "realistic" avi. Like im already realistic in real life, I want to be creative and use second life for its purpose, having a SECOND LIFE. I await your hate.
  2. i like chilling. Add me. "chaosninja7 Resident" in-game.
  3. what pants are those? and are they for maitreya? ♥
  4. This. We need more variety. Last i checked the game is called Second Life, not Sl*t Life.
  5. I mainly dislike how almost all RP fantasy sims base their systems off D&D. I can't get into D&D, never have never will. It's just too .. Nerdy? idk. Currently I'm working towards a custom system. No class system.
  6. You are awesome! Love yourself!
  7. Love people. Don't bullying.
  8. So far the game I play is Final Fantasy XIV (Better then WoW).
  9. https://gyazo.com/9df10f758d39150cd59c94e4348c1790
  10. I am Yuki Yume Content Creator, Gamer, and Artist.
  11. You dear reader, are a wonderful human being. Live, Love, be Happy!
  12. i like to RP a bratty sassy teen girl so.......need a home/family. "chaosninja7 Resident" in-world. IM me for offers.
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