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  2. Somber is an event in Second Life catering to those of us who enjoy the dark. Each round opens at midnight on the 13th of every month. MESHMERIZED @ Somber / July 13th del Sole/161/195/30
  3. Paid and Volunteer position open now ! Pleasant Shore Elementary School is looking for FUN , RP loving people to join our School family becoming teachers! P S E If you are reliable and dedicated to bringing a fun , happy, educational environment to children ages 2 - 12 years please apply to DebbieDoh via notecard inworld. Sign up ! Come take a look at the school and the many classes we have! Pleasant Shore Elementary School
  4. Voting is OPEN ! BFF ! = 15000L$ Show off YOU and your BEST FRIEND ! Show off YOU and your BEST FRIEND Photo Contest, enter YOU and your BEST FRIEND's pic. Quake/52/133/22 Photos must be of you and your BEST FRIEND. 15,000 L$ to be awarded on May 20th. 10,000 L$ for 1st place. 3,000 L$ for 2nd place. 2,000 L$ for 3rd place. NO LIMIT VOTING.
  5. Our government also closes and we seem to survive as I assume Second Life will. Happy 4th
  6. Hi Maddie ! Contact me inworld I will set you up a panel and sponsor you for free term at Willowdale Elementary School.
  7. Wow talk about TMI !
  8. An object can be scripted to open their web site where donations can be made directly to them.
  9. Most of the big boob girls are men and expect at least dinner.
  10. 2B is great, How would it look in all caps with the arrow as your S ?
  11. H.Commando did the following Ad for my Adoption Agency. He worked with me throughout the entire process giving me advice and using my suggestions. He was very friendly and I thank him for the excellent results. Thumbs up !
  12. 10 Years ! Thanks for the information Crap,
  13. “R o l e - P l a y Y o u r W a y” FREE "Willowdale High, Willowdale Junior High, Grammar School and ‘NEW’ Willowdale PreSchool".... The Next Generation in Youth Role-Play. WHS WJHS WGS WPS home of the Warriors, Warhorses Guardians and Warblers ! "Role-Play Your Way" FREE at Willowdale. Sign up at Second Life’s # 1 School District.
  14. [Resolved] Unscheduled XStreet Maintenance Saturday, March 9th, 2013, 10:37:54 PM (UTC) Seems they "fixed" it, wait I thought XStreet was gone?