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  1. Anyone know if there are any Gothic Victorian cathedrals? or Gothic Victorian sims?
  2. -pats head- I know that feeling. I pirate a lot of things.
  3. Just watched Monster High: Boo York. Worth it. Good friggin music for a kids movie, but the voices are superb. My favorite:
  4. um no, VPN or Virtual Private Network, are used to mask your online IP so your not tracked.
  5. Can someone tell me the difference between Sculpting and Meshing? In the 3D Modeling world we don't use these terms. I went to actual college for Game Design, not once did we use either of these terms. We used the term Modeling, or Model.
  6. is this still running? would be perfect for my gothic victorian.
  7. Gothic Lolita, Maitreya If you darling wish to see it in-world. Just IM me in-world, "chaosninja7" (Gothica DarkSoul).
  8. I believe their already is a First Person mode, its called Mouselook. Better Camera Angle can be achieved with Camera Controls. Everything else you listed, yes please!
  9. wasn't casting asperations, literally saying the thing called "Experiencing it"
  10. I think some people think SL means "***** Life" when it really doesn't. Plus most users ive ran into for that stuff are always Middle Eastern or Eastern type people, oh AND ALWAYS at least 40 or older.... Like come on.... Seriously can people be THAT depraved or perverted?
  11. Well hello beauitfulllll. "chaosninja7" in-world (Yuki Yume). I'm down to try, if your still looking.
  12. Again... what advantage? Other then absorbing? any in-world advantages, etc.
  13. What advantages do Grandfathered Region provide? To my knowledge they don't considering the cheaper prices nowadays. I'm curious, not being a meanie.
  14. I currently use 3 styles by Ayashi. (ill just provided the DEMO links) 1. "Nekoya" - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ayashi-Nekoya-hair-DEMO/14761782 2. "Albedo" - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ayashi-Albedo-hair-DEMO/9439893 3. "Mitsuko" - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ayashi-Mitsuko-hair-DEMO/7897610 Do note i use A LOT of ayashi hairs. These 3 are MY top 3.
  15. Current Full Regions are way less then whats posted here. Good luck. As of August 29th, 2018: Set Up Fee: USD 349.00*Monthly Maintenance:USD 249.00*Maximum Prims: 20,000 Sorry but i doubt anyone is gonna pay over a Grand for a sim, when its cheaper to just buy one right now for way less.
  16. many better hairstyles by the creator named "Ayashi" on the marketplace! She/he is my go to hair!
  17. The term "Mate" is not a gender thing. It's a British thing. Or anyone who uses/speaks "Royal English".
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