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  1. This. Yes run. I learn this the hard way. 11,000 Linden gone. The person removed and blocked me after i paid and i reported it as fraud. I STILL have yet to be compensated. LL just doesn't care.
  2. blocking people from your store can be helpful if said person was stealing your products then reselling them/taking credit. Other then that i don't see a logical point to store ban someone.
  3. So far two places I love are Santa Ramona Valley, and Ministry of Trance.
  4. So i am seeking more peeps to hangout out with. and maybe find a partner. I am male irl but have/use a female avi.
  5. I only voice if i feel i can 100% trust someone. Im a guy irl but use a female avi. and this is the internet so i reserve my strength for potential bullies.
  6. I am fluent native english. I can help you. In-world: "chaosninja7 Resident)" (Yuki Yume)
  7. i need more friends to hang out with. Hit me up, "chaosninja7 Resident" (Yuki Yume). in world.
  8. Nah seriously, i barely get on SL to begin with, so I have no use for alts. So I have said the truth.
  9. i'm listening to the french artist on Youtube named "Sara'h".
  10. how do people in the forums change their titles? is it 500 posts or something?
  11. RIGHT. If people don't give time and effort then trash is produced. Time wasted. When i create for SL i make sure to check my stuff and take my time, and if i don't know something then i research.
  12. Guess not everyone is <ahem> "tech-savy" ... savy?
  13. People with TINY af hand slider settings. Like, are those your hands? I can't see 'em. I talking like Hands with 0 as their slider. I personally use 30-50 on mine since i use Maitreya Lara.
  14. Now all i see these days personally is Obese women avatar's with ant sized hands that can't even hold a pencil. I personally hate it and try to make my avatar with fantasy portions. And i don't mean big everything. I mean anatomically portioned sexiness.
  15. This. I agree. SL is not "optimized" worth a DAMN. LL doesn't care about SL anymore, why else did they make the other crap called Sansar if they've given up hope on SL? Personally i would of helped fund/support SL upgrades/optimize over Sansar funding ANYDAY.
  16. your fine man. I just missed the ad part in the guidelines.
  17. After looking at the Guidelines (again). I want to apologize to the commentators in my Star Citizen topic. I got a bit.....salty. Forgive me.
  18. this was more influenced by Ahri from League of Legends.
  19. As someone who's tried Bloodlines. .......... It's an expensive joke. Just don't even do it. Not to mention the drama associated with the atmosphere.
  20. Commissioned by Ruby Bee! My avi, an Ichibi Kitsune!
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