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  1. I have some friends that lie constantly about the silliest things. Why do ppl do that? They keep giving excuses why they don't log, or why they are busy etc. If I'm busy I just say so. If I am not able or wanting to log to a specific account I dont go around giving silly excuses. Maybe they do it not to hurt our feelings but after 15 years...do they think that approach still works?. What it does is make ppl feel silly...they dont even have to give me an excuse...who asked you for it?
  2. I still can't...avakin looks like a good option suddenly lmaooooo
  3. yes. You invest your money, create your avatar and ppl come and clone it for free. Yes it is a big big problem
  4. I was there, ppl were not that welcoming.
  5. Add me in world if you would like to make friends. Have a nice day
  6. We should all walk with a profile stuck to our foreheads
  7. I never had a full sim in sl, but...cant they group a few sims together? sim crossing is much smoother that it used to be.
  8. "Lets meet via SL tomorrow...the office is located between the Lesbian puss lounge and the BDSM plaza"
  9. probably those communities want to be recognized? just saying. Not E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. is the same or have equal experiences.
  10. 10 years ago there were tons of communities. But SL has less users by the year so it is to be expected.
  11. Every time there is a republican president I am afraid I am going to lose the legitimacy of my family...so yeah...you feel lost.
  12. My prediction is that SL will die a slow death. The changes that are being made are not enough to keep up with the new emerging technologies. It may not happen in 2021...maybe in 2050 there will be a couple of 80 year olds playing to be women.
  13. so true, Pronouns are multiplying too
  14. https://gyazo.com/5dabe690585de14d8800f195bac81d51
  15. "Platero y yo" by Juan Ramon Jimenez. This book is such a jewel.
  16. You don't have to. Like everything else in life, we choose our interests and pursuits.
  17. I'm sure you are a good person and you mean well..but if you want to be an ally you have to care lol...accepting is okay...caring is better
  18. Two points: Point one " Illiberal", yes, that word does not exist in the English language , nevertheless we are respectful or people who may not be native speakers or dyslexic etc...we don't know... 2- not seeing gender and sexual orientation as with race, is ignoring the differences and the struggles those communities go through..."not seeing a rat ass" means you do not care...and that's your right.
  19. In my humble opinion, that could depend on the nature of the relationship. When one person is more independent and less clingy than the other...that could be a problem. I haven't been in a relationship for more than 10 years, but I remember how it felt being required to spend my time mainly with one person when there was so much to explore, build, meet...I felt caged and sometimes did not feel like logging in....so that's that...
  20. Start by making some friends, it really will enrich your experience and you can learn a lot from them.
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