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  1. Ah OK. I thought it was so ubiquitous as to not raise eyebrows anymore. SL has definitely become a lot more 'normal' in style and content compared to, say, 2010.
  2. Really? I seem to remember that whole thing kawaii neko/anime thing being HUGE inworld, just a couple of years ago.
  3. Fear not. Think it's safe to say your chances of ending up in an exhibition of off the wall, funny SL moments are zilch. 🙄
  4. With respect, so what? There's no breach of RL privacy or consequences. Are you seriously suggesting you'll be at some important inworld Sansar meeting and others will say "Ha! Look, it's that weirdo we saw in the gallery. Skip his question"? Will you never get inworld club hosting work again? Just seems a fun idea. The objections seem paranoid and odd.
  5. Don't think it's sleazy. Just LL being like those clueless grandparents who try to 'get down' with 'the kids' and come across as laughably out of touch. Suppose it makes a change from them defining 'cool' as someone with sunglasses, playing a sax while riding a skateboard. But didn't that whole kawaii/anime/neko crowd defect from SL en masse about 8 or 9 years ago?
  6. IIRC, E2L was stopped after a series of griefing incidents at a horse farm that paid out 10L for 10 mins of walking around the sim. Some pranksters decided to TP in and wait for the current E2L user to hit 9:40 mins on the counter, before prim-pushing him/her out of the sim. This would invalidate their visit and mean they'd spent the best part of 10 minutes walking around for nothing. There was such a furore over this - including disgruntled (and stupid) E2L users trying to get 'revenge' by attacking the sim owner - that E2L pretty much collapsed in a flurry of infighting and mass ARs.
  7. Why all the hostility towards OP?? By most gaming standards, SL graphics ARE intensely bad. SL's chief saving grace - body sliders. But even the wretched APB Reloaded had that, so they're hardly a unique SP. Check out Carmen King's GTA 5 'anime girl gets arrested' video on YouTube. SL simply can't compete - in terms of background, lighting, buildings, cityscapes, skies, clothing detail, vehicle look and performance, etc. SL DID have the winning formula once, but it was about 11 years ago. Times have changed. Dumping on OP won't bring them back. Enjoy it if you like but, in realistic terms, SL graphics will soon look as dated as ZX Spectrum.
  8. Are there still furries on SL??? I thought they'd gone the way of money trees, Bloodlines, 'bikers', hobos, nekos, NFL teams and active college sims.
  9. The awful vehicle physics. Wasn't expecting GTA/PS/XBOX style smoothness, but didn't expect it to be as bad as it is. Don't know why people pay good money for cars, motorbikes, planes, etc on here, tbh - unless they just like them as parked props.
  10. Some of those videos are very funny, but quite sad too, in a way - it's clear that some of the people overreacting are victims of severe mental illness. LL pretty much decided that 'Your world, your imagination' meant 'Buy land and follow the crowd' around five years ago, and has been sucking the fun out of the game ever since.
  11. SL's totally a game. Can you make do on SL without money for food, without RL consequences? Can you fly in RL? Can you shapesift at will in RL? Of course it's a game, and mixing RL up with SL is a recipe for long-term disaster. Real money might be involved, but so what? It's buying time and assets in pixelspace. Precisely why SL's detractors point to RL couples who neglect their hungry/neglected kids in meatspace who also happen to run clubs/businesses on SL.
  12. It's not so much that SL screwed up by courting RL businesses. More that they dropped their hardcore user base and bent over backwards to accommodate any investors who took a punt. First of many times SL users would realise LL simply doesn't 'do' feedback, once some new-fangled idea's taken thir fancy. I remember visiting an inworld pizza franchise, where US-based residents could order a RL pizza. Because when you want a pizza delivery, your first thought's to go onlne, open up a viewer, wait to rez, click a box, open a web link and be directed to a page listing your nearest restaurant. As opposed to the annoying and stressful ritual of picking up the phone.
  13. Indeed - so you agree to an experience of pulling a sword from a stone - instead, your av becomes deformed and viewer crashers attack you. And you file an AR against...what or whom, exactly? The Lab marches on in defiance of all reason or user feedback...
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