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  1. i am also wanting to know the answer to this. I am looking at buying a piece of land and i click on the covenant tab and it says no covenant provided, does this mean i cant put a skybox above it?
  2. Hi, Just curious to know if anyone has heard when we will be able to change our usernames? i heard it was this year but haven"t heard much else since?
  3. If i pay to increase my tier to 4096 does that mean i have the 4096m2 + the 1024m2 that comes with premium or is in included?
  4. Has anyone else had this problem? I have been trying to get offers through my hud for 3 days and it keeps telling me there are no offers and i should try again later. I have messaged everybody i could find relevant to this and have had no reply.I also havent been paid the money for the initial offers and its been over 4 days.
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