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  1. I do also have a desktop I built with higher performance specs that runs SL even better, but it's in the den in the basement. I am upstairs most of the time so I use the Lenovo for SL 90% of the time.
  2. I have an older Lenovo W series Thinkpad into which I stuck a 1TB drive, 32gb of RAM, and a used I7 3920XM processor. I think I paid 300 bucks for the laptop and maybe 300-400 dollars for everything else. It runs SL quite well with decent framerate / resolution settings without overheating or freezing.
  3. Thanks for giving me a more comprehensive perspective on this, Odaks. I am in the same boat as you (RL is in my face too much for extended SL time). I had not even considered SL is probably first life for many people.
  4. Thanks everyone for commenting! The only reason I can think of someone actually wanting their av to be logged 24/7 is to prevent someone else from deducing any patterning of times they are actually present in-world.
  5. I have one or two SL acquaintances who are seemingly ALWAYS logged in - Sometimes days in a row. How are these users doing this? I asked one of the users in question directly, and was given a vague answer about leasing the server the sim is on or something. I myself have NO interest in being perpetually logged in (my close friends can get ahold of me thru email, discord, etc), I am just utterly puzzled by how some users never get logged out, or why the would not want to log at some point. Thanks,
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