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  1. "Ah, I will never understand some of these people in SL. I have been playing off and on for over 6 years and have met so many derps like these people. I had a dude a few weeks back (obvious troll) come into the club I was DJing at with his peener hanging out playing a saxophone. It had me in tears I was laughing so hard. The GM, however, did not find it amusing at all and banned him from land. Had to IM him just to say thank you for breaking up the monotony. I think it is those that take SL too seriously that end up like these people. SL can be fun when you just derp around on it."
  2. Is the gamae fun and is there such thing as griefers? No, and there is no such thing as grifers. It is just people playing as intended. In fact, THEY MAKE THE GAME ITNERESTING. If you go to youtube and search: Britbong or Scandinavian Prince, you will see that there is no such thing as griefing. Basically: The hardcore players that invested tons of cash create an ambience of “be one of us. Look like one of us. Speak like one of us. Or get out”. You can see hints of this in this actual guide: ” These avatars are only good for the first couple of steps and are frowned upon by advanced residents.” – LOL I.e. if you do not look like a stripper and have a voice like a 50 year old chain smoker…you will get banned in the worlds you explore. They are clsoed minded and not “open minded” as this article wants you to think. They basically say “open minded” because the game caters to low lives that enjoy pedophelia and beastiality. you can find videos of dog sex in this game, and no, not furry,a ctual realistic looking dogs that can get erections and human women models that perfrom sex acts, or male, or whatever…. I am fine with the freedom this game has in sexual orientation. I find it creative…but their banning and crying about “griefing” is over the top. It is actually THE FUN part of this game as it basically puts the mirror in front of these people, and they don’t like what they see, so they freak out and try and ban you. And I am talking about REAL “griefers”, not to be confused with people that just insult (hate speech), which, interestingly, is what each of these players results too when they get exposed…Watch the videos..It is worth it :p
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