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  1. OMG you want my google plus profile BB? I am not a troll. I just asked a question like 200 questions ago.
  2. I am a gamer. Why not make the game fun, more realistic. Why not upgrade it at least once a year? Why treat me like a cuck? I am a gamer, of course I am interested. I am an addict I cant just quit gaming. I need a new fix, I want this but why dont they fix it? Why do you pretend it is good?
  3. I have no idea who any of you are. Nor do I care about you (EDIT: I am a nice person of course I care). I have been playing this "thing" off and on almost conception. I first heard of it because it was going to change the world. My company was going to have meetings inside their magical universe. The graphics are crap. They have not been upgraded since the 1920s? I mean my Apple 2 or Packard Bell had just as good animations. The load times are intolerable.... The lag is horrific. Clearly there is a small fan base though the corporation does not care about the game - I think its cool.
  4. I still don't get it? I just fell through the floor and walked through a wall. I mean did Trumpanzees on heroin code this? My daughter can do better. Why don't they reinvest money back into the game?
  5. Was this a bad question? I've been a casual player about once every 9 months for a week or 2 where I spend about $10-20 USD. The graphics have been horrible, laggy and slow. I can't imagine investing time or money? It seems weird? Why not improve them? Which game does not improve its content?
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