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  1. id rather my sim burn and crash before doing that i despise, sex sims but thanks for the advice
  2. nah i bought this sim its not second hand doubtful there is any lm to it but i do need to try a bit harder, the sim was built for sight seeing its based on the Japanese culture so its more nature buildings cuddle and photo spots, then any thing else but i just got upset i made it very photogenic over 18 days on landscaping etc, but i think ill add in a movie & game spot to make it so people will hopefully stay a tad longer and just have some patience.
  3. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!
  4. why bother to spend tons and tons of cash on a sim for people to set home to or just enjoy it, when no matter how much you spend on it or how good it looks ungrateful residents, would still rather poof the sec they land before even looking at it i dont get it.
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