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  1. Came back again after a couple months of being offline and needed to quickly update my profile photo. Nothin' too special. ♥
  2. I've tried to look up what I could on this issue, but it seems the most recent post was a year ago and had no resolution. This doesn't happen with every hair I have (even if they have bangs), but sadly this brand new hair from Equal10 just...hates any and all eyelashes I have. It goes away if I change the eyelash mode to "mask", but then the eyelashes look absolutely terrible. I did see someone mention to just use mesh lashes with hair that does this? But..I'm unsure if anyone sells those anymore, as when I went on the MP to look for some, I only found what seemed to be ancient products that didn't appeal to me. Am I just a bit out of luck with this hair? I don't mind just ignoring the issue, as the hair is adorable, but it does suck a bit to see this glitching with my only other option being to just turn off lashes.
  3. It's just to start off. 😊 I'm totally okay with meeting those who are whatever age, I just feel to begin opening up to people it would be a bit easier if it's with those around my age range so I have more things to relate to to ease me out of quietly sitting in a corner. I'm a very reserved and socially anxious person in general so it's hard to go just dive in and even just reply to messages I get sometimes. I've actually been going to a club the past 2 nights with girls around my age and still find it hard to find the guts to talk. lol I'd love to befriend anyone as it goes on though! As for bringing my own friends in...I've tried with one but she just isn't down and the others are the type who sadly think badly of SL for no reason so I keep my SL life to myself and away from them. 🙁
  4. Holy moly...Just updating to the new v3.2 eyes helped on it's own..I hadn't updated in so long. Thank you so much!
  5. Hihi, so..I'm unsure how to fix this issue I have with a few different Catwa eye appliers... There's a certain few pairs of eye appliers I have that when I put on, are looking way too high up on the mesh and I can't move it..They aren't all from the same store either so I assume it's a fault on my end? She isn't looking up animation wise and other appliers work just fine.
  6. I mean absolutely no offense in this post, by the way! 😓 I'm very much down to befriend anyone of any age! I just feel it may be easier to start with people around my own age for the time being. I'm 24 and have been on SL on and off for 3 years and only ever met 1 girl close to my age who I bonded with for a short time (before both of us just kinda vanished). I really want to be more active in-world and make friends, but I'm very anxious both in and out of SL and still don't fully know the in's and out's. I was thinking maybe meeting people my age (or in the range) would help a bit to start me off opening up to all of you lovely folk~! Where do you think the best place in-world or group wise would be to meet the 20-30 crowd? EDIT: Also! I'd like to quickly mention I simply haven't made any friends as I have been on SL as a form of escape/alone time this whole time..so I just never cared to try to meet anyone and just kept to myself. I'd like to try to change this though. 😊
  7. I'm not entirely sure this is where I should post this but...here goes. I'm finally settled (for the most part..) and I've been struggling my butt off to decorate my Linden home to my standards while keeping it within my prims. Boy is it hard! Even with mesh! I so badly want clutter everywhere but know I can't easily do it, however my home is decent for now. Now I know I COULD just buy a parcel or rent a home but...something about paying per month in one sum (or by every 3 months, etc) is less stressful to me than doing it every week. Plus, I'm still kinda new and want to see if I enjoy having a home enough to invest in renting a bigger home (need those prims!). It got me curious though! I'm sure not a lot of you use your Linden home but for those that do...I'd LOVE to see some screenshots of how you decorated! ♥ I'm nosey and really need inspo to see if there's any way I can make more clutter/comfy atmosphere. Please and thank you! ♥♥
  8. EllieFay

    Missing Items?

    Sadly they weren't marketplace purchases. I had gone store to store in world so I may have lost track though I do remember hitting a lot of "accept" buttons...
  9. EllieFay

    Missing Items?

    I'm not sure if there's a cap or limit to how much you can "buy" in a day, but I went on a huge freebie haul yesterday and today when I went to organize I noticed I'm missing quite a bit of items I remember getting last night... I'm not sure how to recover them or if I never actually got them due to a limit, but I don't recall any messages about a failed delivery or anything. Any ideas if I have them but they aren't showing up or if I gotta go retrace my steps now?
  10. Well, I must say the more I look into homes/furniture...the more I want to think about even renting a small space for a house. It's so bad! I was so keen on just getting a tiny box of a home, but now...I'm so inspired to decorate...I keep finding cute 1024m cottages/homes and it's sooo hard to resist. I feel as though I'm getting quite a bit ahead of myself but I also just want to dive right in!
  11. I kind of figured premium was going to be a bit more expensive than just renting. I'm glad I asked now! Oh wow, that actually sounds pretty amazing for a townhouse. I may have to go try to look into that!
  12. Hi! So as someone who's not technically new but is new to the land/house scene and has hardly explored SL enough (I played a bit last year but have decided I'd love to be able to come on in my down time and chill and explore now a year later) I've decided I think when I start back up again I'd like to have a small place to call home! However...I'm SO new to this part of SL it's a bit scary to me. I know the simple easy option is a Linden Home and I've looked into and considered it for the most part (I could easily afford $10 a month if I end up enjoying it, etc). Yet, I'd like to explore my other options in terms of renting a place! I don't even know where to begin when it comes to talking to someone or finding a rental business...but I'd love some advice! First though, allow me to share my goals for this home: Something small and cozy. No, I don't need a big house to call home. I'd love just the cutest and smallest of apartments or tiny home! I won't be starting out with anyone joining me or plan on starting a family (maybe? who knows?! probably not...but maybe!) so it's just little ole me. The thought of being all alone is a bit sad, so being in a community would be lovely but not necessary. Honestly this home would just be to decorate a bit (make it cozy and cute so it feels like a second home) and to hangout alone/rezz purchases. Heck, I've even thought of just buying a tiny house and renting land to put it on. Yet I still don't know where to start this journey or which path I should take with this..I'm not too keen on paying a lot each week/month but depending on the area/home/apartment/etc it may just be worth it. So...any advice? Which path would be most cost effective for someone like me and how would I begin my journey? Most articles when I google this subject end up being ancient so I'm not sure what to trust. I'm still not even hip on the SL slang...yeesh. Thank you for the help and I'm so excited to soon be part of this life. ♥♥
  13. I'm very new to this game, however I can tell I'll be staying for quite a long time as it's relaxing between my course classes and I've already made friends. I know it may be hard to do, but I'd like to not spend any money on the game until later down the road. So I'd love to work! However, most places require you to be 30 days old (which I understand and I can wait), but they also require almost mesh everything. :( This is the hard part as a noobie...I've done my gosh-darn best to look acceptable yet I don't think I qualify yet. So here's the issue: in order to obtain mesh items I need to work but to work I need mesh items. Are there any places hiring that would accept the looks I have currently until I can upgrade? I have a plethora of clothes that aren't too bad as well! (Trust me...I searched high and low for the BEST freebie items I could find). I'm willing to do most jobs and can do any verification and interview needed! However, I AM a university student, but my courses are during the day EST and I have the night free (unless it's exam week..god forbid). Any help is appreciated! <3 Tips and advice are loved! photo just because
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