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  1. Great places to hangout with your friends and family??
  2. Looking for lovely scenic places for exploring, I love to visit new places in sl if you know of any beautiful sims for kicking back and relaxing I’d love recommendations
  3. Aspiring sl singer? I enjoy listening to live music in sl and would like to give it a try. I’m not sure on where to start..Do I need a certain mic? a stream? It’s all confusing however, I’m really wanting to get into it.. ☺️
  4. Love being a mermaid here in sl however, hate being a lonely one.. every sim I go to is empty? I wish we could all come together! Where are the fellow mermaids here in sl ?
  5. I really do enjoy exploring, not alone though. Any fun persons that enjoy exploring and taking pics in SL??
  6. Heya I applied a week or two ago .. how is the application process going ? Still very interested
  7. What should anyone consider before going into real estate in secondlife.
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