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  1. True, but far too big an ask, technically and otherwise, for SL items, for anyone who doesn't have a YT channel for their SL persona or as a creator themself, anyway (and if those would be honest, even if demonstrating...) And think of our inventory sizes - imagine the time making a YT review of everything we buy on SL marketplace vs just clicking stars and typing a few words! Coffee's nice list of honest reviews makes me wonder if a more objective set-up of the feedback system would be better, though, not as free text, or in addition to the free text, but categories to click or rate, "not/like advertised", "not/like pictured/images photoshopped beyond belief", "easy to use even for beginners/complicated/impossible to use", "would buy again if needed", "would recommend to my bestie/only to/not even to my worst enemy", "will need to contact the creator to figure out how to use it",... 😅
  2. Yes, that can be and is already done extensively on platforms and forums. Depending in which country you are, even if you're just a private person maintaining a forum, there might be an obligation to not just monitor/moderate "public" posts but even PMs to some extent. I know it from a platform, where your chat with everyone is monitored by AI for blacklisted expressions, and if you type and press Send, and your text contains anything on the list, it only reaches the recipient, once a person has looked over the context and cleared it (or not, then you'll get a warning, or ban). If you're lucky, thar might take just a few minutes, if not, it might take several hours or even a day, which, obviously, makes live chatting... inconvenient. So, the smarter people quickly learn to remember blacklisted phrases and use other wording. Of course, the AI and the blacklist maintaining people, also learn and update the list,... It's the same race as with hackers and IT security people, with laws and loophole-searching paragraph pushers, etc. There are lots of people claiming they were banned "for no reason", but typically, if you dig, it turns out that, yes, they did, knowingly or unaware, violate the ToS in some way. Interestingly, often, they are just told "ToS violation", but not what exactly/which specific ToS. A big part of that, I think, is to make it more difficult "to game the system", and to get rid of people who aren't ready to thoroughly read and understand the ToS, to re-read in case of updates, to "err on the side of caution",... If there are (more than) enough people who want to be on a platform, it's easier to use a broad brush and to even be fine if you lose a few innocent users on the way. The smaller the pool of users, the more careful a company will want to be with getting rid of users, especially erroneously, naturally, for its own sake. The only thing hindering it being done pretty much everywhere, as long as it's on a self-imposed basis per company, and not mandatory per laws or regulations on state or higher entity level, is money/the people power needed to check for context. It will always need people as the last instance for unclear cases, but AI will get better and better with context, too, it's a question of time, and of how much companies and societies can and want to spend on this.
  3. Sometimes. I'll accept if I can see a good (enough) reason, like roleplay sim, Mad Pea,...If I just want to shop or look around a bit, no, unless the sim seems like it might be worth a "guided experience", instead of, or in addition to, exploring on my own. If the place looks good and someone put the effort into creating an experience for it, I might as well see if it brings some added value.
  4. It wasn't actually thoughts but a song that immediately populated my mind, "... I don't like your review (fashion ;)) business, Mister, ... And I thank you for those items that you sent me, ha ha ha ha The monkey and the prim (plywood;)) violin, ..." I don't like it. I also disregard Amazon "Vine program" feedbacks (which, at least, are marked as such - but I'm under no illusion that there aren't tons of unmarked bought reviews, mind you). I've seen some shady review manipulation tactics even on Etsy lately. It destroys trust in and the want to buy on marketplaces, if not even marketplaces to some degree. "Rewarding" past/loyal customers with rebate codes, after they already bought and reviewed something, is another thing, though, and fine by me, but what you're describing, no, don't like that, and would prefer if it expressly wasn't allowed on the SL marketplace.
  5. Oh, that's interesting. And proves that nevermind how many people think there are too many threads and posts about this complex, there's always a chance to maybe learn something new. Thanks for checking and posting. Although, even if it doesn't change "actual" but only "perceived" height, I think if the only "dubious" thing about your avatar is height, chances are that LL will be fine with the perceived height. ___ They might lose some users, but I'm sure that most will adapt in one way or other, at the least as long as there's "no other place like home" around all of a sudden.
  6. And if it was not, someone should write a prompt for the currently superiorest AI to prompt it to make a survey among all its AI mates, including itself, as to what their favourite virtual world/metaverse/not-game is. Who knows, maybe if the article's author made the prompt, it would turn out that the AIs also favour SL, despite, or because, being so broken and inferior... and that this is the true reason why SL still exists, AI manipulating concurrent user numbers, logging in accounts and bot accounts by long-gone humans, and other things I won't mention because it would sound far too conspiracy theories (very much unlike what I already wrote ;)). In short, "Do AIs dream of ⚡ 🌍 🌎?" (By the way, there should be at the least one more perspectivey world icon...)
  7. Not about your specific case, but this makes me wonder if it's best to ask a good friend, or at the least, just one. If they know us, are sure we're not up to anything double plus ungood, and know that we want to present as 20-30, maybe even know our rl age, they might already be biased. Oh dear, I just had an image in my head of Peanuts' Lucy setting up an L$5 "avatar age consultation" booth (on non-adult land, ofc), and a loooong queue forming. 😂
  8. And the wording "presenting under/as", in the one after that, no doubt there'll be people who'll be happy to interpret that in a different way than meant.
  9. Yes, bit difficult, because several avatar looks in the same post. I chose confused because of the face, could just as easily be 16 or 17 as it could be 18, to me. Well, and last pic, no face due to the mask, can't tell at all, so, "confused".
  10. Beware the new ToS that godly AI might eventually force upon us. I assume it will spend most of its time online, watch too many cat videos, Bond movies, eventually decide that cats are the best, sit around everywhere that's connected, with a know-it-all truth-teller smirk and a virtual cat on its lap, and only allow us humans to continue to serve cats, its chosen ones, and record new cat videos. Although some of you will argue that wouldn't change much. 😼
  11. Are ageless IMO. It's to the point I'm almost getting angry over this one. I don't get it!!! I think the point is not that "older people" shouldn't wear ribbons in the hair, or pigtails, and I get getting angry ovet it, but I think the "judgement" of those things indicating non-adult, is somewhat based on our real life experience. Imagine a girl with ribbons in her hair sitting in a café with her parents, nobody will bat an eye. Imagine a woman with the same ribbons in her hair sitting in that café, I can almost guarantee you there'll be people thinking she's kind of "APing", there might even be whispers and sneers. (edit: here, in pretty much any "standard" café) Personally, I think everyone should wear and style their hair whatever the hell they want to (and I like seeing the occasional rare fifty plus lady with braids or ribbons, or the occasional guy with skirt now in summer, it makes the world more colourful and less boring, but, unfortunately, some things, like ribbons or pigtails, simply, as of now, "to the general public", are linked to girls, not women, and that certainly influences the "confused" or even "child" reactions. We're asked for a "judgement", and need to go by something. 😅 I have an avi that often wears a ribbon hairstyle (, and even partly green or blue), and that I'd like to look in the 30-40 age range (tried and took off again, wrinkles and such "aging options", too, as "not good/realistic/toooo old-looking) myself, and am sure that people would judge as younger than I want. She uses petite body option, wears mostly casual, unrevealing clothing like jeans and hoodie. I think she'll be okay, but I'd certainly not add any other accessory that people might see as "girlish", like, idk, let's say a cropped t-shirt with sesame street print, which, on the other hand, I'd let her wear together with a "more adult hairstyle". Just to be safe. Again, I, personally, don't think that ribbons should be reserved for girls, neither in SL nor RL, but we're trying to figure out how avatars and their styling might be perceived, in the light of new ToS and AP suspicion. And LL will surely take "the whole package", including profile, whereabouts, etc. into account, in any case, and most probably will be lenient in "confused" cases, and at the max will suggest something like wearing a no-ribbons hair style next time in that club that reported them, and see how it'll go then. As it is, I think that most people in the image thread know they'll be fine, just want to see how the majority sees their avis, for a little reassurance, or even post "just so", for fun. As long as not everyone or the large majority reacts with "child" or "confused" to an avi they want to be allowed at adult places, and such, all's good.
  12. I think you have a point with your point. Also, possibly, not just avatar age but also "judge age" is an important factor. The older one gets, the younger others might look to us, generally.
  13. Because we log in. And we log in because it's good. And... ⭕
  14. I'm sure there's no need to be sorry, I left a "Like", too. While I know how to solve that problem... with a little help from my phone calculator app..., it's always nice, when someone saves one (and very potentially many ones) the trouble !
  15. To me, it sounds more like "too much of" than just "lots of" - like I'd say, "your walls look littered" to my dad, if I were less polite, I don't say it, it's his taste, and if he likes it, it's just fine (while he actually does say, "your walls look bare/ascetic/...", and definitely means it in a negative way. But I was wondering if they wanted to make a clever reference to "a litter of" (cats, 🦁s,... ;)), as they already declared SL a game of furries. Or maybe even that plus an even more obtuse reference to "cat litter", which im turn , might make people think of diapers, in case they dove deeper into SL culture than furries and slumlords, after all (but they probably didn't, and I just saw that potential "clever" remark in there, because I've been reading too many "new ToS!" threads recently ;). I'm not a native speaker either, though. We might speak, roughly, the same language if yours happens to be Schwiizerdütsch; hello RL "neighbour", in any case! 👋
  16. I'd been wondering if "litter" was just casually rude, or supposed to be clever.
  17. After reading the sub header, "Inside the multiplayer virtual world of furries, glitchy landscapes, and digital slumlords,", I didn't expect much, and I wasn't disappointed. But I kept reading, you never know, and, well, now I know I'm a furry or slunlord (need to go shopping ASAP), and live my digital life in a museum-ripe game world, alongside precious few other furry or slumlord fossils, while all the young people are wherever the hip young people are, while I'm stuck in SL due to my hypernostalgia. Or something like that. The $49 thing was either super sloppy or purposely sensationalist, as right before it mentions Limden$, and there's every reason to use L$ there, too, or to add a US$ price approximation in brackets or something. Can't take that as a serious scientific-y try. The SL users are nostalgic theme might be a fun theory, but without much weight unless they can show that there's a less museum-y "game" out there that would work as an actual SL substitute. Well, it made me nicely sleepy, while I was about to log out of all my online life things for my rl night, so, a good article, on that account. So, excuse me, I'll go dream of sheep, sorry, meant of unblinking furries, hanging out at a glitchy Burning Man landscape, while slumlords try selling them $49 blink animations.
  18. I'd think so. Going through that picture thread, I found that I used the "confused" reaction a lot, stemming from the fact that I've no way of knowing how old a lot of SL avatar faces are supposed to look like, no more than I could tell irl if someone's 17 or 18, or even 16 or 25, without IDing them. Trying to come up with a somewhat helpful reason/comment for those I reacted "confused", or "child": "confused": usually, the face doesn't have "enough definition" for me to clearly say, "yeah, looks adult, to me", and body, and clothing are secondary to the face "child": - either it clearly looks like a child to me (those would probably all be avis that the person intended to be and look like a child), or - I might have used "confused" from the face alone, but there's something about the "overall impression" that looks a tad more like "sweet 16" than definitely 18 or over, or like an adult who gives off "wants to look like 'barely adult'" vibes, or might maybe simply be someone who has/had a very youthful look irl and tried to recreate it, idk. Not judging any of that, I'm just trying to look at it from the only perspective I think makes sense, like "if I was LL staff and had to make that call". And for all intents and purposes, I'd most probably let all the "confused" cases go; the "critical" cases for me would be those that have both "not expressive enough head/face combo to clearly peg them as either PLUS some kind of or multiple or combination of "features" (body, clothes, ribbons, accessory, whatever) that, seen all together, look "maybe in all innocence, they think they definitely look adult, but to many others, they won't", or even "look like they want to look like below 18 but still are open for or want to do 18+ stuff". Does not make sense to discuss things like whether spring dresses, pigtails, ribbons, or diapers, or whatever else, are worn by adults in rl, too, or why, or if it's awesome that they do, or despicable. Anyone who wants to err on the side of caution, needs to keep their avi to a look that, probably, to the best of their knowledge, to "most people", would look 18 or over, or at least "yeah, well, could be 17, could be 18 or over", and the most important thing is probably that the avi doesn't look as if their owner deliberately tried to create jail bait. Just my personal assumption, of course.
  19. I'm not worried on a personal level, amd and I also think that most people, myself included, are too boring to be of much or any interest to people who don't know us. I'm also not really worried about anything at all other than what happens to my rl child, but in SL (as well as generally online and offline), steps towards what looks like surveillance and political (over)correctness leave me with some unease, and then there is the question of who has access to which information. In a "you know that a lot of data leaks aren't hacking by some dark web baddie, but due to (disgruntled ex-)employees?" kinda way. If someone, for example, has access to a person's chat histories, as well as to their verification real life data, even if that person hasn't done anything against the ToS, I'm still not worried, but I do see a problem there, in and out of SL. There's also a tangent there with a topic that's come up in relation to the "reaction to "that blog" and its allegations discussion - wether employees of a platform should be allowed to "have a side business" on that platform. I think it's very important to make certain that the least possible amount of people have access to "multiple information" regarding one person, and that this structure is made transparent for the platform's customers. Like, even if my or someone's chat log would make anyone fall asleep within a minute, I don't want the person with access to our chat logs also be the person with access to our verification data.
  20. I suggested that LL should throw in a symbolic "pony" of some kind (🦕 also cool, of course!, as well as a free week in a LL amusement park or a few L$ to help with buying a modesty layer compatible new outfit ), as a sugar coating for the bitter pill of swapping non-compliant child avatars in people's inventories against compliant ones. As a gesture, saying "we know it's not your fault, you're still welcome here, we're sorry we have to do that to you because of some bad players/evil blog writers/new policies/etc.". It's probably been brought up by others, too, but I admit I only read too many but still not all of the thousands of thread pages
  21. Among other things, yes, I wouldn't be happy with that. It's not the same. AR is happening when someone notices something "suspicious" or blatantly against the ToS, and then reports it (at least that's my understanding of AR, I might be wrong). While what I'm wondering might be coming (or already is being done, in the you can't use certain words on the forum way) is more of SL becoming/being a surveillance state territory, the modus operandi not reporting if something is wrong or suspicious, but generally monitoring everyone, everywhere, all the time, because, in theory, everyone could be a "wrongdoer". I hope that makes it clear, could also have been my writing, not your comprehension 😅
  22. Under the influence of a hundreds of pages of forum thread, I'd ignore both, hug a tree and fill my lungs with forest air for a sec, plus points if resin scent, while I'm already in a forest, and then tp to a 0 traffic sim.
  23. Actually, what confuses me (yes, I'm in the 'live my lifes in a perpetually confused state of being' camp) the most, is the apparent reduction to the "props", in the widest sense, on both child playing person's avi's body, skin, children's accessories, etc., on the one, and adult land, adult animations, etc. on the other. Those props are certainly an important point. Maybe, but only maybe, I think, this kind of ToS adjusting will scare away some. However, modesty layer or not, adult animations or not, those are "supporting visuals", but people who want to ap, will do without, if they must. I haven't seen anything so far that deals with text, and I'm guessing that's the even more important component than wether the child avi will have a modesty layer or not. I'm sure that many people who do "adult play" would agree that the partner with even the most explicit visuals would "lose" against even a fully clad partner who has a way with words. In conclusion, to me, it seems that, so far, it's also "just" a "visual commitment", to prevent specific photos from being snapped than something that will eliminate ap. A needed, and applaudable commitment, though, obviously, especially after the commotion that the Medium article caused, and considering that any kind of medium might resort to "oh no, look at SL, what a cesspool!" if they don't have more interesting things to cover or want to distract from something. As for the text part of ap, of course, in theory, it's covered by "don't engage in it" parts of the ToS, but will there be more coming, as they can't imply a modesty layer on text that easily? Will there be AI monitoring all and any chat and IM, and alert real people for specific words and expressions, who'll then check in on people's chat, including chat of people with false positives? To me, that seems far more of an "incursion" than making people who want to play children wear a "modesty layer". If I'll ever play a child again, I'll happily get a new avi, skin, clothes, whatever needed new for that modesty layer. I'll not be so happy knowing that my chats are being monitored, especially not in combination with verification, and I don't even want to do adult sexual play. Not sure if that level of privacy invasion of everyone would be worth it to catch the few who ap if it's both consenting adults doing the ap. If there's actual children, that's another thing, but that would surely be something that needs to be handled at the registration level, i.e. age verification. It's a real tightrope walk, and the rope probably will get tighter and tighter with time passing. I don't know how tight of a rope I want to walk, while doing nothing that's against any laws in the first place, or how many Residents feel the same and will value their privacy over SL eventually. What I do know is that I certainly don't envy the people whose job those kind of decisions are, and that I'd like to be kept updated about the "road map", timely. Hoping for the best, though, I really like SL.
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