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  1. haha my guess was wrong too, I was thinking it would be in the crater at SSPE1200... but looks like it's only going to be 2 regions from my home
  2. Yes, there's lots of sailable waters around the houseboats and you can even sail all the way south to Jeogeot continent too
  3. Second post, showing the side and back of the parcel (was going to post more but I seem to have hit my limit lol):
  4. I've finally got my log home about 95% done I would say, only a few minor things to be adjusted or added, but with only about 40 prims left I don't have too much wriggle room. I don't normally post pics but I am really pleased with how the outside turned out in particular, so I thought I would share. Apologies if they are a bit big. Starting with the front:
  5. remember that most of the new log home regions are cloned "blocks" - hence why LL were able to drop over 4000 down so quickly - but these cloned areas don't match up with the existing Bellisseria landscape, nor do they work for coastal areas - and that's where the "blank" SSPE regions come in. Those will be made by hand (paw?) to blend in the log home regions with adjacent areas.. so we'll likely see everything that Gingir mentioned above, plus "mixed" regions where you maybe have some Vics on one side, then mountains, then log homes on the other side (or similar).
  6. Whether SL or RL, you'll find things wrong in literally everything, if you deliberately go looking for them, so perhaps the best idea is not to
  7. I just found it.. took me a few seconds though to get the reference... but I love it 😀
  8. Shows on the map as Hook Tender to me 🤔
  9. *looks at all the new regions* Yep.. found it.. my dream location.. Solsbury Hill 😀 Already got the first tune ready for when I move in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GimLuOUVkxg
  10. Even more regions now
  11. oh, just to add about the cloning... the Vic area has cloned regions that close... as little as 4 regions separates two that are the same. I don't think on the ground anyone notices, most probably still TP everywhere
  12. haha yep, going right where I said they'd be going... cant wait for these.. and LOL.. Sam Handwich 😄
  13. I'd be willing to bet the new regions put down yesterday will most certainly be more Vic homes. There are still a lot more Trad parcels than Vic parcels, so I am guessing that LL will want to end up having a similar number. Regarding the "Wood" region, it definitely won't be the last of the Trad or Camper releases, as Patch recently said on the Lab Gab that more of all styles are on their way. With that 9-region "mini-continent" that Wood is part of, LL can simply duplicate that around as needed, like they have already done (same with the squishy pickle too). I believe LL's strategy
  14. Were they hungry? 😄 Sorry couldn't resist
  15. Just had a look, another 6 regions slotted into place in the new Vic expansion area, east of Rowurboat, SSPE1071-76
  16. Neither of these are my homes, but I thought they are very apt: On the Permaglow region (you know the one that had the nuclear towers and has a lake full of 3-eyed fish): One parcel is called "Green Falls", and another is called "Don't Drink The Water" 😄
  17. I don't want to be rude but... It annoys me when people say "I can't get a decent home" Really? I find that pretty insulting to all the Moles who've put in a lot of work to get them built. Are they all perfect... obviously not, but at a bare minimum, ANY new home is Bellisseria is much better than "decent"
  18. Derendering would involve me filling my blacklist with 100's of items (no point in derendering the structure and then seeing a pile of furniture in the air). I have sent in AR's.. but well, no action after a few weeks, so maybe it's just a slow process. With a lot of abandons starting to show up I am tempted to just cut my losses though.
  19. Damn wish I knew about this. Saltmarsh was my dream location for a houseboat - was never able to get one, and the houseboat I have now is slowly being surrounded by crappy out-of-theme builds 😭
  20. You've answered your own question - "everything still in a state of "not really finished yet""
  21. err what? The newest Vic area, which are all individual regions made one-by-one, they all look the same? Yet somehow the original Victorian release, which is full of identical cloned regions, apparently doesn't look all the same? ok 🤔
  22. @Raspberry Crystal Some (if not all) the vehicles made by Arton Rotaru (MP link: here ) have cruise control. I have both the Mudskipper and Wild Goose, and use both in Bellisseria. They can be driven extremely slowly if you prefer, and are also both amphibious, so yes, you can just drive them into the water No demo for any of them unfortunately, but if you catch me in-world I can rezz one for you (others probably can too). Other vehicles you might want to try are some models using GEMC scripts. Some of the cars using these scripts are automatics, and feature a cruise control m
  23. think I might have to start watching this thread again. Got my houseboat just how I want, but now I've got people building huge hideous add-ons all around me 😭
  24. Shortcutting the name is lazy, but apparently not being able to spell it correctly is fine 🙄 so in that case Bellissserifidsifhja 😝
  25. The rail system in Belli is a work in progress and not 100% complete, so most likely they aren't adding any more until it's all finished and functioning properly. It serves little purpose for LL to place all the rail rez zones now then have to deal with everyone whining about other currently non-functioning aspects of the railroad system
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