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  1. Those 2 regions that were moved, were placed 24-regions to the west. If you think that's only a short distance, consider the following: The Chalet theme is currently 20 regions wide The Fantiserria theme is currently 15 regions wide The finished Victorian theme (original release) is 13 regions wide at its widest point, 2 of which are open waterway regions The original Bellisseria continent is 20 regions wide from West Ivory on the western coast right across to the Wood region in the 9-region add-on sub-continent in the east. So a 24 wide region space is more than enough for northward expansion, if its designed to run relatively close to the Satori coast, possibly with a protected waterway between the two. Now, besides from the 2 confirmed private regions being moved in that 24 region gap , there's another seven private regions in that space. Of those seven, not one, but four now show as "loading". So over 50% of regions in that little area all show as "loading"... coincidence? I don't think so Yes they have space to extend south-east.. but that goes nowhere, and they still have two themes minimum to build, so whilst I can see them doing something in the south-east, I'm still confident the north will be developed as well. Regardless, we will all have a better idea when we see what the region north of Lavon looks like.
  2. I still say the next theme will be north of the Chalet area, possibly extending to north of the Stilt and Log areas too if it's going to be a huge theme. Logically it ticks all the right boxes: the north side of the Chalet and Log themes are unfinished the east / southeast side of the Chalets now has a proper coast, effectively "finishing" that area neatly in the same way the coastlines have finished off previous themes. extending north allows them to complete the railway extending north allows them to add protected waterways up the west coast of Satori, which would involve far fewer regions than if they went up the east coast of Satori (therefore less cost to LL whilst still achieving the goal of linking continents via sailable water)
  3. Route 10 in Jeogeot, Lil Burn Valley region possible? Drivers of SL group stopped at that gas station on a drive only a few weeks ago.
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  5. Sure! The entrance (one of several) is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedstraw/209/176/35 The town occupies the Bedstraw and Amella regions, straddling the LL railway that runs between the two. The village/town also extends into parts of Gibbosa, Cisthene, Datana, and Poecila regions, with the Poecila region being recently acquired and still under construction. There's an expressway there linking two of the LL mainland roads, a mono-rail, airfield, rail freight centre and a public commuter rail line, as well as the aforementioned go-kart track, and also lots of hidden little parks, streams, lakes etc.
  6. do you get an actual stamp texture with this system or is it the same as the Bellisseria one where it only adds the stamp into a hud? I mentioned this in regards to the Bellisseria one but it's not really convenient to wear a passport hud all the time. If the stamps are supplied as textures then you have the option of sticking them in your house, using them as bumper stickers on your car etc - just a lot more possibilities.
  7. Great video! I love that place, i often drive round Heterocera and usually visit that town about once a month, it's just a great place to explore. If you like that place, then i suggest you head over to the east side of Heterocera, round the Bedstraw region, where a group has got together to make a huge Japanese themed city / village. It must be close to occupying 4 regions by now, and just as with Ciampi - you can wander round for hours and find interesting things every where you turn. They even have a go-kart race track!
  8. You can sail right round the southern edge of Corsica heading east until you finally reach open water at Genrin - from there you can circumnavigate Gaeta V quite easily - there's only about 4 narrow spots on the eastern side of the continent. Regarding sailing north from Bellisseria, I still think once the Chalet theme is fully finished (and the last few themes released), there will be some open water regions heading north up the west coast of Satori until they reach all the protected waterways around Kingpost. This is the simplest method to make a continuous waterway and will require the least number of extra regions
  9. I spend most of my time in SL travelling round in various vehicles, and once you get the hang of it and learn some of the little tricks to make it easier, you suddenly start building a fairly large range of vehicles in your inventory (at least that's what's happened to me, 140+ at last count). For sailing, like most I use Bandit boats, though my personal favorite is the Peachcraft Dolphin Moth which is a lot of fun and very fast. Motorboats, I have several brands, Bandit / TMS once again as they have the biggest range, Ultramesh and Shippe & Saille also make some nice boats, but my personal favorites are Rubber Bunny's Marlin Catamaran , Piaggio Little Bee, and Sinplicity Libelle - all very high quality and nice to use. For aircraft, i fly various planes from Dani, Amok, Java, Cheermaster, THI, S&W brands. Between those brands almost every taste is catered for. With Helicopters I have a mix of S&W, Amok, & Shergood. The Shergood helos especially are a challenge to fly and a lot more complex than others, but they are packed with realistic features and are now extremely popular. I also really enjoy amphibious vehicles, either hovercrafts, or road vehicles that can cross rivers etc. Rubber Bunny's Halob hovercraft is still (in my opinion) the single best vehicle in SL - such great value and high quality packed into a cheap product, but the Ultramesh Huner LCAC and Piaggio Honey Badger hovercrafts are also highly recommended. For road based amphibs, the Arton Rotoru Mudskipper (already mentioned by someone else) is a fantastic 6-wheel drive car/buggy thing - goes anywhere, can climb almost vertically, even up the steepest mountains in Sansara snowlands. The Rubber Bunny Stolly, another 6-wheeler (military truck this time) is also a real fun amphib. For the roads, it took me years before I really started to enjoy driving - too many "track" scripted cars that work terribly on mainland roads made me think that in SL, cars that worked like real cars didn't exist. Thankfully I discovered the Lusch / GEMC brands, which make doing normal driving round the mainland roads an absolute pleasure. They make a range of cars and trucks, both modern and classic, so there's usually something in their range to suit all tastes. They are usually packed with features and built in options too. I now spend far more time driving than I do flying or sailing thanks to discovering these brands. Sumi and Manji also make some nice and quirky road vehicles, which aren't quite as realistic as the above mentioned brands but still fun to drive and also very reliable with region crossings. When looking at buying a vehicle, the best advice i can give is to try demos and see for yourself how much you like it. No matter how much others (including myself) might recommend a certain product, only you can decide what's best for yourself. What's awesome to one person might be junk to another etc etc. Most of the brands I've mentioned above DO have demos for you to try yourself. Region crossings can still be an issue in SL (though in general they are better than what they were years ago), but you can make things easier by keeping your script count down on your avi (wear as few huds as possible - certainly your mesh body & head huds should be detached), enable property lines on your mini-map (if your viewer supports this), and also enable it from your world menu. This will let you see parcel/region lines on the ground and on your mini-map, potentially helping you in avoid trouble spots or picking safer routes to travel
  10. Unfortunately I've seen dozens of tip jars in Bellisseria, usually set up by some DJ who clearly is using their home as a club. I have AR'ed some of them in the past, though honestly was never 100% sure that it was allowed or not. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. Your average aircraft pilot in SL usually flies at a minimum speed of at least 15 metre per second. The standard 1024m LL home parcel is 32m across, which means that, using basic maths, that aircraft is going to spend only 2.2 seconds in your property. As someone who frequently flies in Bellisseria, let me tell you what I see when I fly over a parcel.. pretty much NOTHING A few seconds is barely enough time to render the house and LL trees, let alone any furniture, either inside or outside the house. Of course, even if it did all render, a pilot still can't see any of it because they're either looking at the back of their aircraft (in 3rd person view), or they're looking at out the front of the cockpit (mouselook view) - no chance of being able to see any avatars. As already mentioned, pilots don't want to run into skyboxes anyway, it tends to ruin the flight So usually we will fly in that 400-2000m "safe zone" in accordance with the covenant.
  12. Barneys Fief is a clone of Patchwork/Tamash region, yet the Moles have modified it to finish off it's western edge and give it a coastline as mentioned above.... and just one region further west is the Hanshin region of Jeogeot Coincidence? I think not
  13. those region edges definitely aren't finished at all, they look just like every other region edge that is waiting for another region to be butted up against it, so I think it's safe to assume there will be a coastline there. The road poking out it also quite normal - whenever you have a road going across a region border, both regions need to have the road projecting out and overlapping, so that vehicles don't fall thru the surface as they cross.
  14. If the offending window has its own texture (usually with some % transparency enabled), then you can simply change that to no transparency, or change the texture altogether, then you'll end up with a nice feature wall kind of look. Alternatively, if the window frame is thick enough, you can simply texture a prim and place it over the window, making it just wide enough to cover the window yet not poke out thru the window frame, and you'll get that same feature-wall effect
  15. I think it's very likely that one of the remaining themes will end up north of the current Stilt/Chalet area. Both the Chalet and Log areas are clearly unfinished on their northern sides, and both have unfinished rail lines heading north. To complete those areas, and link up the rail lines, you're going to need another theme (or two) that kind of envelops the Stilt area and reaches from the Log homes to the Chalet homes. That's a very large area, so it would make sense that if one theme was going to bridge that gap, it would be a theme that LL are banking on being appealing to a very broad range of residents - and I would guess that a new take on the Meadowbrook theme as others have mentioned, fits that bill.
  16. I regularly use that region to transition from boat to train when I am exploring Belli - but I must admit I hadn't noticed the little cave there before, and very glad there was no spiders in it Ok, keeping in theme somewhat with the last picture, here's another lovely little place to relax in Bellisseria - there's a few little places like this around. So hints...hmmm.. well you'll get 3: it's not too far from the last place it's definitely not the Randleshan treehouse you might find it faster if you're a Star Wars fan
  17. Ah that one is easy, you're at Bridle Path in Bellesseria
  18. The regions in the Fantasy theme are just running the standard default SL day cycle of 3 hours of daylight and 1 hours of night. That means youre getting 6 SL days in a 24 hour RL period. This is where people get confused, because the time it is "night" is on a rolling 4 hour cycle, so it wont always line up with what would be normal RL night time hours in LL's timezone. Remember the time at the top of your viewer is NOT what time it is in SL, it's what time it is at the LL office. The "time" in SL can be checked by going into World-Region details and clicking on the Environment tab. For the default LL day cycle, you'll see the Day length set to 4, the Day Offset set to -8, and under that is the "Apparent time of day" - this is the actual time it is in SL, and generally speaking, night time in SL is between 9pm-3am on the SL day cycle (6 SL hours), which equates to 1 RL hour.
  19. not to nitpick Feorie but the above podcast is labelled "Satori ride &..." - you're actually in Corsica there
  20. Most of the airports around the Blake Sea are not only airports and DO have marinas underneath them, including the one being built that you posted a pic of - the docks (under construction) are clearly visible in the picture. There are however one or two airports around there that you can sail through, but don't have an actual marina, but in these cases it's because these airports are the home to creators who mainly specialise in aviation.
  21. Probably slightly off topic, but it's a bit of a sad indication of western society as a whole when things like the naked body and sex are still viewed as something we need to be protected from, but yet there seems to be no issue at all in exposing us to endless graphic violence and death
  22. mmm lembas bread.. and look.. more lembas bread (couldn't resist)
  23. I'm not sure what to think of this latest release.. it's left me a bit confused to be honest Firstly, my cache didn't clear on start up like it should have. Not sure why that occurred. I do have my cache stored on a separate hard drive so I wonder if that could be it ? I also didn't do a clean install since FS say it isn't needed anymore. Maybe that's also a factor. Anyway, my observations so far is that I am generally seeing an slight FPS improvement at any place I visit, anywhere from 3-10 fps on my normal settings. However, rather oddly, when i bump up my settings to one of my higher presets ie: advanced lighting on, full shadows etc, I am seeing a much larger increase in performance. I need to do some more testing but at the moment, it seems like I get more FPS with high quality graphics settings over normal settings - that's both odd and surprising. The one thing that hasn't changed though is seeing these constant grey textures when I return to a place. I've seen others mention this previously and it's really annoying. When returning to a place already visited, the textures should rez faster due to being cached, but with these last few FS releases, this seems totally backwards, as though the viewer cant locate the textures in the cache.
  24. odd, ive been back and forth on those rail lines dozens of times with 3 different trains Never had an issue except at Hawkesblood station itself where I've had to edit my train past a part of the track so it doesn't get flipped around. I've also used the stretch of rail line north-west of Gully Wash - the one that crosses the big river/lake and ends up at SSPE1217. I just had to manually edit my train onto the other track. I'm only using single trains though, no carriages. This is what I've been using: Infinity Quarry Train Michie DB101 Rail Moped
  25. Well, I still fly regularly so this is just my personal take.. I think it comes down to a few factors. Firstly, the area in which we can fly in SL has gotten bigger and bigger over the past few years, especially with the addition of Bellisseria, and the extra coastline down to Jeogeot. If you increase the area in which you can fly, but don't really increase the number of people flying by the same percentage, then technically you'll have less chance of seeing others flying around. Secondly, aviation creators (except for a few), seem to have slowed down on their new creations over the last few years. Now, this could be due to a huge number of issues, but in my experience people always like to have the latest new item in SL, whether its clothes, mesh heads, or in this case, aircraft. With less creators turning out new products, there is less incentive for people to fly. The passenger thing I admit is something I've never really understood. Flying is so much more fun that just sitting as a passenger, so it doesn't surprise me that there's more pilots than there is passengers in a lot of cases. I also think that many of these SL airlines do too many regular flights, to the same destinations over and over. The Hollywood to SNO airport is still the number one aircraft trip I see promoted, and frankly that's an utterly boring trip. I did passenger flights for a short period (when I had time), and found it better to offer a more random experience - going to more out of the way destinations, with a focus on showing passengers interesting things. Not too many people are interested in seeing another airport, as most of them look the same Finally, again partially due to Bellisseria, I've noticed more people now exploring using boats or cars than ever before. This is helped further by several groups now operating in SL that promote group travel on a weekly basis. I'm guessing that a lot of people who own one type of vehicle often own other types as well, so it stands to reason that in the past, where they might have used aircraft almost exclusively , now their time is probably more divided between each type of transport.
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