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  1. could be copyright infringement if the vid is copyrighted
  2. well its theft if they are stealing your cash because you can turn lyndons into real cash, but again if the person doing it is untraceable due to a vpn or proxy server it would be difficult to trace there real ip address especially if they are using strong encryption, some sites now have stopped ip addresses that are from known vpn companies, so good luck hope u get it sorted
  3. yes it can , your a good guy for standing up for your frends, we are what we are, i have some trans frends in rl but they are good people if thats what they want then its there choice and no body else's business underneath we are all flesh and bones, its your soul that counts , and the love you show to others, i dont care if a guy wants to dress as a girl thats his prerogative,and the same goes if a girl wants to dress as a boy, theres nothing wrong with that, or if a person is gay then thats there choice, people should not abuse people for what they do, the same goes for race to, everyone should learn to live together, the world would be a better place then
  4. i know what your referring to , yeah theres some sick people about ibest thing to do is report to sl, but i may add, in some countries extreme porn is not illegal ie if it was in the usa, it is in the uk, then sl would have to take action to take it down or sl would be taken down and investigated and many people could get imprisonment for it and i think sl would have to abide by the law of there country which in no doubt they do so its all about the law in which country u are i suppose, difficult that one
  5. what a lot of trolls don't realize, (because they are to thick to) is the fact that trolling now in some countries that trolling is now illegal, due to causing some people to commit suicide, you can get arrested for assisted suicide or even manslaughter in the uk where i am, also trolling u can, so if it happens here, and they keep on doing it and its making you depressed, and ill you can still report it to your local police in rl and by law, now because of crime on the net ie the site you go , ie weather a gaming site, or forum ie good example is facebook , if its happening to u the police can ask for all data thats on there servers, but they do have to have a warrant to do it, now then the prob is if all data is encrypted, this is a prob or if the said person is using a vpn which keeps anonyminity and don't log, but im sure that sl would help you or the police if the matter got out of hand, all good people would do the same because it would give the company a bad name , so im sure anyway if proved they would ban that person indefinitely, hope this helps, good luck to you
  6. if i get that prob, i usually mute and block, a troll will try to grief, u no matter what u do but because they are blocked usually they go away when they cannot use there idiotic ways to make you respond the worse thing u can do if someone is trolling u is to respond or argue with them because they feed off it, last resort hit the report button i hate to do that but sometimes it has to be done all the best good luck oh by the way never contct them again because it automatically unblocks them
  7. sometimes i have the same prob, with other things, if u have a slow connection sometimes it takes a while for things to appear, specially after you clean your cache out i get the message still downloading your clothes, or there might be server maintenance going on , what slows down the server, i have even lost connection due to that fact they will come back im sure of it
  8. i live in the uk, we have many dialects prob as many as the eastern block countrys, and belive me us girls are no different to the lads, we write in chat sometimes the same as we speak, now im from the west midlands, which is north of Birmingham UK and we have two brummie and black-country, the term black-country is not a racist term but it derives from the area in the late 18th century, where we had a lot of iron smelting, and coal mining a due to the soot and we used to get a lot of dust which covers the area, also we have cockney (London), scouse(Liverpool), Geordie (Newcastle up on Tyne) and Mancunian (Manchester), some times its difficult for me to understand them having said that here is a bit of how i talk and im a female yom a bosta me wench, translated, is your are a very good looking girl, or put kettle on cocker om bosting for a gup o tay, which means im thirsty can i have a cup of tea , so dont worry male or female we spake, sorry speak the same, all the best guys
  9. hi all i recently read on sls info page that they suffered a ddos attack, well i am using cloudflares dns servers on my own pc which in effect are very good, there servers are all encrypted, i am running win 7, have found its speeded up my Internet browsers , and the cloudflare dns servers absorb all the junk which and also stops ddos attacks so i read, its easy to change dns in your windows settings very simple, but to be honest, sl still runs the same, but for browsing the web its great its uped my speed to what it should be not like my normal ip providers own dns servers and cloud flare also has a privacy policy what deletes any data within 24 hours , they have had audits to prove it there is more info on youtube about it, its a new service and free to use, so the question is why cant sl do something along those lines, maby it could be a cure for lag, would like to see what some of you think about this, cheers all
  10. thanks all for the advice x
  11. i turnd up the settings on my cfan speed on my card seemed to stop it, there may be a option to do that in your graphics card options, i always run with the case open too,
  12. hi every one, once again, the dark shadow of lag hangs on us, i am using firestorm browser my conection ping is fast due to using cloudflare dns servers, but i have been getting lag in crowded areas fps drops to 8 or 6, noticed firestorm takes a lot of mem, cpu is amd dual core, admit i nly have 3gig mem, graphics card is readeon 5670 hd card, so wheres the prob is it sl servers or my specs, its very annoying as i can only visit places where there is hardly anyone about or my own home graphics card should be able to cope surely
  13. it don't matter if your pink, orange, purple dont worry about it you are what u are, in rl we are all made of the same thing we are all bones and flesh colr should not even come into it, but you will always get one or two idiots that think different, because of there ignorance, dont let them get the upper hand flower
  14. suppose its about trust in a nutshell, i am happy to have a relationship here but not in rl, why simple , there can be some nasty people in the world, so i dont go that far, but congratulations to you and good luck, but all i can say is its about trust and your faith in someone, good post, we must all be aware of our own safety, if i did it i would want to go a bit further in to it ie contact, if you live near ask around , do some background checks if your in another country this would be very difficult to you, but hope it all works out for u and the best of luck
  15. no i don't think it is, its about friendship, meeting people etc, and having fun, on the sex side of things, people can, without fear express them selfs in a way they could not in rl, ie exploring there own personal and private fantasies, ie dressing up, cross dressing, bdsm etc, what they could not do in rl the other side of sl is the fact that everyone can be frends no matter where your from , which sadly don't happen in rl,
  16. thank you very much, you made me a happy person now , great news
  17. so the said person has to close the payment account his or herself , to keep his or her free account going, and they would not be in that position because, of them passing on then, is that correct
  18. i have heard through the grapevine, that sl are working on a way to make it so, you can wear standard clothes on mesh bodys without using appliers, think this would be good, because i was new to mesh bodys and found i cant wear all my standard clothing ie even with alpha on is there any truth in this matter, hope someone can help thank you
  19. i have heard through the grapevine, that sl are working on a way to make it so, you can wear standard clothes on mesh bodys without using appliers, think this would be good, because i was new to mesh bodys and found i cant wear all my standard clothing ie even with alpha on is there any truth in this matter, hope someone can help thank you
  20. i would have thought that it would be still there if the account is free, they revert back to a free account , if they have a premium account and fail to pay so i presume untill someone closes it down i, then it will still be there
  21. could be the amount of people at the sim, if u have a large crowd it gets laggy, i visit a few clubs and find i get lag fsp drops to 6 fps sometimes 5, also when u go to a commercial sim with a lot of objects it happens too
  22. thank you to everyone for help its is working now, thanks to you all everything is fine now just tried it no problems, just one of those things i think, cant thank u all enough, think i can put it to bed now
  23. thank you very much yeah prob me lol
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