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  1. Marketplace needs a Make Over

    Hey Nalytha, These are some great gacha seller ideas. But I did want to let you know that you can put your multiples in the same folder so it only shows up ONCE in marketplace, but allows the same 'post' to continue selling each until they are all sold... kinda hard to explain but definitely a time saver, if you want me to explain further or show you an example please message me inworld, Suki Pelazzi. Anything I can do to help take away ONE agony marketplace creates!
  2. Marketplace needs a Make Over

    Hello Everyone, I am taking to the forums for a topic that needs to be discussed, Marketplace. I have been in Second Life over 11 years so I have seen us progress in so many ways that most haven't. I remember Flexi hair, Flexi skirts, and afro hairbases; I am so glad we have come away from all that and moved onto better things in our lives, like mesh, bento, custom bodies and animated heads, and don't forget the ever challenging yet favorited gachas. And then there's Marketplace. I can search for a "pizza" and on the first page, there will still be a pizza from 2008. sure we can sort by most recent, but even then, somehow, things that aren't even mesh still get uploaded daily (which if fine if that's your prerogative), but there needs to be a way to specify what we want. We cannot have one online shopping site as our only option, and still have items older than 2013 creeping around. Second life moves fast, there is no need to be keeping anything older than 5 years old, unless it is updated and remained relevant. With this being said, I have created a list of ideas, that I would like to offer for Marketplace, a lot of work needs to be done, but it is possible. I hope that you will comment, and share, and hope that 2018 will be good to us, sure Sansar might be nice, but a new marketplace would be nicer. Here are my ideas: 1. offer a search option to select for bento or mesh only. 2. we need to have a gacha center, something that makes searching for gachas easier, since that is basically all we live by. Perhaps organized by events? ( I am open for options on this one) 2a. a way to flag sellers that sell empty boxes as gachas, and get them (and all their items) off the selling field 3. have a "posted" date, or select posted date range, so we know when an item was actually put up for sale 4. I have ran into buying items from people that no longer are even in SL, heaven forbid there is an issue, we are SOL. I propose a way to have the seller verify they are still online, and want to continue selling their items, at least once a year, to clear out anyone no longer available. 5. an option when you go into clothing, to click your mesh body, so you can see what options are available only for you and your bodies. 6. hey, I'll throw out another crazy idea, revamp it so that we can create a profile of what we like EI. mesh, bento, catwa, laq, maitreya, hourglass, slink, and then our search results will always stay relevant to our profile. Basically Marketplace needs a complete revamping, unless they want to offer online shopping through a third party like OnRez again (yeah, there's another throwback for you!) to a website that would be willing to put some time and effort into this, then it is unfair for them to leave marketplace stuck in 2012. The second life world has gotten so big, that I like to think that the majority of us find ourselves shopping on MP to see what else is out there, not what used to be out there. If you got this far, thank you for listening (reading), and please share your opinion, and if you work for LL or know someone who does, please, pass the message along. Thank you! Suki Pelazzi
  3. Logo Mesh Eyelashes

    ive had this same problem.. did you ever find a solution?
  4. ok, also, i do wanna say, i did a clean re-download of firestorm, and i thought it fixed my issue for a minute, but houses are they only thing that still seem to be messing up (which is weird) i tried turning off hardware skinning / different settings / turning everything off/on, and i just cant figure it out. and of course im trying to buy a house which makes this task impossible! im getting invisible walls and stretched out walls  
  5. Sorry it took me so long to follow up on this, so many fits of rage had, and the kicker this week was finally when my mesh body wouldnt full load (bits and pieces were missing) im still having the issue BUT i ended going pretty oldschool and downloading the singularity viewer AND I SEE EVERYTHING PERFECTLY *GASP*!! its an old viewer but this should mean my only issue is firestorm correct? im going to put in a bug issue now but i think you (whirly) are on that commity too so please let me know anything you can to help if possible. Thank you!
  6. So I'll start out by saying its been about 6 months or longer since Ive really spent time back in SL. and now that im trying to be back, i feel like a noob. and an aggrivated one at that. Ive been noticing that houses i walk into wont load completely, maybe partially but a wall is missing and the floor is always grass or water (aka missing!). or sometimes hair will be half floating, half on someones head. its getting really annoying and since ive had so many updates im not sure how to pin point this issue. after researching forums im assuming it has to do with my graphics card, since its an AMD BUT according to the new drivers it should have fixed the issue. i recently updated to windows 10, updated my driver to Catalyst 15.7 and updated my firestorm viewer to the newest one. basically this: CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 840 Processor (3208.06 MHz) Memory: 4096 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 10240) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series I tried what people said about turning off hardware skinning and that didnt change anything.. so is it possible im having a different issue, and if so, what can i do to change it? Sincerely yours, PLEASE HELP #noobagain
  7. 'Hello Everyone, Its been a few months that ive spent more than a few hrs in SL, mainly because its like all of a sudden my computer cant handle it? im constantly freezing up, crashing, glitching, etc etc. even when im just standing ijn my house while typing in IMs it will freeze up for like 3 minutes mid convo. i dont have time for that! Basically IRL my dad is great with computers, but he doesnt know SL so he wouldnt know exactly how to fix this issue. I run all the proper tests for viruses etc. and i know i have a decent PC. I BELIEVE i need more memory, but could that be the only reason for this bull? or could it be something else? my inventory is also at 94K.. could THAT be it? because otherwise my PC runs fine.. or maybe is there another viewer i could use that wouldnt act like this? currently im using firestorm beta 4.5.1, im not sure if thats a crappy one, but i know for a fact i really dislike the general SL veiwer.. unless someone insists i use it. If youve read this far, i highly appreciate you helping me out, i will provide as much tech info as i can - and please feel free to comment with whatever more tech info i should post.. because im not techy myself. Windows Edition: Windows 7 Ultimate System rating: 4.6 Processor: AMD Phemon(tm) II X4 840 Processor 3.20 GHz Installed Memory: 4 GB System Type: 64-Bit if theres any other information i should include please let me know.. otherwise if someone could help me out with some ideas so i could get sl running normally again.. id really like to be able to stay inworld. Thanks much!! Suki
  8. Second life is eating my subscribos :(

    oh dang! i didnt actually know that! but today it happened while my av was logged in for a few hrs while i was irl. i came back and accepted them and they disappeared. so your explaination deffiniately explains when im offline.. but it happens when im online too >.< like unless i accept it right away its good. but if i take my time. its almost as if it like..kills the thing sent or something
  9. Weird Alpha halo??

    i have the same issue but with my hair.. its either when its alpha on alpha or alpha on flexi trees?? im curious who knows the answer to this too
  10. hey everyone im not sure what to do about this but its starting to effect me more and more so figure ill ask around. I have subscribed to a bunch of subscribos, like clothing stores and furniture places, but also im a blogger so i get stuff sent to me that way sometimes too. but it seems like if im not online when its sent to me and i go to accept it a few hrs later if i log in or im afk, i accept it but i dont recieve it.. is there anythin that i can do to stop or fix this? im starting to miss products that i need to be recieving im on firestorm v4.4.2 so i should be all up to date. please let me know! thanks Suki Pelazzi
  11. Looking for Mesh Wedding Items

    Hello all! ill be getting married at the end of next month and i have been looking to set it up myself because i really would like mesh items.. Sadly i cant find very many places with mesh stuff! can anyone recommend somewhere that has mesh wedding items, invites, chairs, sets etc?? i didnt think it would be this difficult so any help is grateful! Comment or msg me inworld if you want Thank you!! Suki Pelazzi
  12. Hello, I am a manager for a shop that specializes in kids clothing and we are currently transforming our items into mesh. Since this is such a smaller market than usual mesh templates, We are looking for a creator that could work with us to make custom templates for our designer. If this is something you would be interested in please feel free to IM me or NC me inworld @ Suki Pelazzi. And please include any pricing and any previous work if applicable. Thank you! Suki Pelazzi
  13. cannot hear music

    ou should check if the sound tab on your "about land" has a music url in it.. then if it does.. make sure the music box is checked off on the volumes and turn that up. its possible you accidently checked it off.. the little music note will go from gray to white when you check it off.. meaning you can click it to turn it back on... oh thats for pheonix firestorm btw. im nto sure if thats what you use.. but all of them are pretty similar.
  14. lola's tango script error view

    hey, im having the same issue.. i just tried that mesh count thing but it didnt help. i can see mesh bc i seemy mesh hair, but the boobs just wont load. it says script error, and when you click the error its just a blank report. so no way to see whats wrong. anyone else have this issue or were able to fix it??
  15. Lola's Tango Applier? o.o

    damn. i thought i read somewhere that you could take some kinda layer or something out of the hair and it wouldnt do that? maybe im crazy or wishful thinking.. i wish this would be fixed alreadyyy