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  1. It's not on my land. I like visiting places with fairy tale/fantasy themes, and I was excited when I found this shop. But every time I try teleporting there, I get those kind of graphics. I've messaged the owner but gotten no answer. So what you're saying is that, if it's only happening in certain areas, the problem isn't on my end?
  2. It doesn't get better. I don't think I can install Linux on this MacBook. I use it for work and I don't want it to interfere with any of that stuff. How would I clear the cache? Also, if it makes a difference, it happens more in certain areas, Enchanted Thicket being one of them.
  3. Hi, I'm currently running SecondLife on a MacBook that uses OSX 10.13.4. With each subsequent login, the graphics get progressively worse. Below is an example of what I currently see. In many areas, textures are just big, blurred lines, and at times everything is obscured by big, boxy shapes. How do I resolve this>
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