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  1. you could try virtual dj they have there own streming servers so i hear
  2. new pbr textured velvet dress i made this texture took me ages to get right
  3. use sing a first attempt at pbr textures i created this this blue velvet texture on one of mel imakos mesh dresses full perm shows the capabilty of pbr textures
  4. thanks wulfie all this advise is very useful cheers
  5. tryed it only works with jpg files even then it don't generate the images i tried targa , as well worth a try thank you
  6. hi all is there anyway to make glb files without a 3d model , as i have found most tutorials on YouTube you have to use a 3d model in blender, which means that because i have not made a 3d model from scratch i cannot make the files i want to , ie clothing textures and there is not much in the way of full perm models in sl market place so you can save them as obj ie full perm ones thanks for the help if anyone can advise me cheers
  7. hi with the recent update to sl viewer to use pbr files, when will we be getting pbr textures on firestorm , as there was a new relase the same day but did not include the pbr update anyone know
  8. i dont have to mention anything in my profile thats my porogative
  9. some people find it funny to troll a disabled person i dont
  10. i dunno if i can to be honest iwas so upset but mayby your right
  11. hi has anyone had grief from group moderators, as i have , i was taken out of chat just for asking a reasonable question, about the release of a well known body and because of my disability in rl i was taken out of chat , and in a im to me said that i wanted everything for free and kept asking the question, this was not my fault as i dont understand sometimes, she would not reply why she did it, but another group mod and shop owner came to my rescue and put it right im not going to mention names but its very well known body group there so people can ask questions has anyone else had this happen and what should be done about it it nearly put me off buying the product again i have plenty of cash and never had anything for free i had to work hard could this be deemed as discrimination , against disability or defamation of character your thought s please
  12. nvidia rtx 3060 is the way to go i have maxed out my settings in firestorm still get 50 sometimes 70 fps expensive gpu but well worth the cash
  13. yes me when i try to load a texture on a mesh, lighting is hideous as well keeps going bright and dark , i remember them saying when they move to cloud things would be better nothing has changed lol
  14. i have the same prob sometimes try defragging your hard drive and and clean your system regular clean your internet browser get a good free system cleaner hope this helps good luck
  15. got a chance its the connection , i get the message still downloading clothes sometimes you could try upping your bandwith that might help , make sure all other apps are closed on your pc, i have a sneaky feeling its down to slow connection , try a viewer reboot as well
  16. i use maitreya body yes i use alpha layers and tattoo layers the feet are all in one part of the body and work fine in other viewers system wise i5 processr 16 gig ram nivida gt 1030 with 2040 mg gddr5 all drivers up to date tried removeing layers as well i heard that ssome shoe base can be a prob even tho as i said works fine with other viewers i use the latest versions of all viewers i update regular
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