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  1. I tp-crashed 6-8 times an hour and after upping my bandwith completely in the viewer settings, I had not 1 single crash for 4 days. I even opened 2 viewers where the bandwith of one was low and the other one was high, and I didn't crash in the high one but did crash on the low one. Then LL started messing with it and now I'm crashing at a rate of up to 20 times an hour. It's even worse now :-(. Just posting this as info to anyone who can use it.
  2. No idea what LL is doing but after posting my personal solution of upping the bandwith, I didn't have a single crash for 4 days. The 5th day LL posts that they are working on the crashes (on the login screen) and surprise surprise : I'm crashing again! Looks to me like somebody at LL went "hey, this guy found a work-around ; let's completely mess things up so the work-around doesn't work any more either". *shakes his head and sighs...
  3. Well, after a couple of hours on SL, I can now officially announce that (for me) turning up my bandwith seems to have fixed it. I usually crashed around 6 to 8 times in 3 hours time and I had none today (my teleports were crazy fast actually). In fact, I opened 2 viewers with 2 accounts and left the bandwith low on one viewer while keeping it maxed out on the other and behold : the maxed out one never crashed, the low one crashed twice in an hour. Again : maybe this doesn't work for everybody, but it sure does work for me. I can only advice people to give it a try ; nothing to lose 🙂 PS :
  4. You know how they always say NOT to set your bandwith in the viewer to more than 1500? So of course I went in my settings and turned it all the way up. I seem to be teleport-crashing less now. Could be a coincidence, but I thought I'd mention it.
  5. I know that, in all of my 12 years on SL combined, I have litterally never failed to teleport as much as in the last 2 weeks alone. This is absolutely a LL problem and they need to fix it or at least admit they have a problem because this really isn't funny any more.
  6. Seeing this too. No friends online and even when they IM me, they don't show online. It's only after I IM them back, that I suddenly get a notification they're online. There's 1 friend however of whom I always get a notification when she logs in or out. So if it's a region or connection problem, then why is it that I see her log in and out all the time but none of my other friends?
  7. No, probably because some people prefer to read only what they want and choose to ignore the rest because it doesn't fit their narrative. (They do trump "tentacle supremacy" :-p).
  8. 1- Ummm... Yeah... I don't see why people would be answering sarcastic rhetorical questions to begin with. 2- For some reason people seem to miss the part where I prefer to let everybody in peace and to judge them on their actions, not by their profile. 3- If we're gonna use search results : Total entries for "Black supremacy" in search: 35 Total entries for "White supremacy" in search: 3 Total entries for "superior black" in search: 20 Total entries for "superior white" in search: 6 4- And just for a laugh :
  9. So how far does this go then? Should I report everybody belonging to a group about supremacy (mostly black) or every female avatar that writes in her profile she's a [REDACTED] for blacks, excluding whites? Or does this so called racism only work when it's white on black? I've given racism in SL some attention and it's amazing how many groups you find that are just straight out racist towards whites. For some strange reason that's perfectly acceptable yet if a (I suppose) white dude puts a quote from a song in his profile that mentions the word 'nazi' we should go full snowflake-mode and repo
  10. @Rachel1206 That's weird, especially since Belleza is one of the very worse bodies for me to rezz. I'm going to keep an eye on mesh bodies (sounds pervy, I know :-p ) the next couple of times I log in and do some more travelling around to see if I can notice something more. If (on my viewer at least) mesh bodies influence performance, then it might as well be certain clothes, hairs, whatever... Might be interesting to also have a look at the mesh/bento heads and see if any type rezzes faster than the others. I'm gonna get back to this when I get some results. Does anybody know of a w
  11. OK... So I've been seeing this pattern and I've been paying more and more attention to it and testing my theory and I came up with the following : The speed with which my environment rezzes depends greatly on what mesh bodies are around. I've been noticing that Maitreya ,Slink, TMP and Signature bodies rezz first and about everything else (Belleza, Tonic, Abar, Altamura, Aesthetic,...) takes a (very) long time to rezz. It looks as if these bodies are having a SERIOUS impact on my rezzing speed in general. On my travels I happened to arrive in a sim where a dozen avatars were around and it
  12. @binder59 I looked into Cloudflare but I don't see how that would help. I'd have to set up my own website? I tried adding www.secondlife.com but got the message that "this zone is banned". Think I better wait until I get news from my friend. Lol...
  13. @Klytyna A friend of mine who works in IT is looking into the CDN thing. He told me pretty much the same as you did. He's currently looking into setting up a VPN to see if that helps since it skips a couple of hops. He even talked about trying to access LL servers via Asia instead of via the eastcoast of the US. Not sure if going through Asia is going to do any good, but still... We can try :-). I'll report back here once I get some results from that VPN. @Rachel1206 Yes, I flushed my DNS a couple of times already. Just did it again but still no change. And yes I'm on IPv4 and W
  14. @Klytyna My bandwith is currently set to 1400. I also tried 3000, 1000, 500, 200 and even as low as 50. None of these settings improve anything ; SL just gets even slower when I lower the bandwith while my ping and packet loss stay the same. I still don't understand why I seem to be the only one having this problem. I talked to other people from Spain (some even with the same ISP) and they don't seem to have this problem while most of them have a system that's older and a lot weaker than mine. Made me to believe something in my PC was broken but I checked everything and it's all runn
  15. @Lillith Hapmouche To make sure I just ran a test, comparing low settings to ultra settings. On both settings I have today a packet loss of +13% and a ping of +/- 400ms. FPS is also the same on both (50+). Rezzing times are about the same on both settings BUT : on ultra, more things rezz faster in the beginning than they do on low settings and near the end when everything is almost rezzed, it happens slower on ultra than on low settings. Looks like ultra settings start things of pretty fast but then slowing down a lot near the end, where low settings has a steady pase from start til finis
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