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  1. I actually did but they haven't gotten back to me.
  2. Makes complete sense, actually. I've recently been running on a wireless connection so that seems to be the issue. My mind didn't wander to that as a possible problem because in all other ways SL plays as it always does. Thanks for solving the mystery for me. Unfortunately, it cannot be helped, but at least now I know what's up.
  3. It shows in the little texture box as a preview but as soon as I set to apply it never shows up. I've tried this a million times. Either there is something I'm doing wrong despite doing this plenty of times, or there is something wrong with the texture mod I bought and I have no idea how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I assume I messed with a preference I shouldn't have, and I keep searching MOVEMENT but can't that seems like it would make me run in place like I am doing. I tried to ignore it but it is really getting on my nerves now to be standing still one moment then suddenly running in place, then still once more. Any help?
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