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  1. After a reinstall of the OS, I am delegating space for programs that actually need the performace of the SSD. If anybody has dual drives (one being SSD and the other HDD), which would you choose for the installation folder. And then depending on where you do that, where would you locate your cache folder? Seeing how the viewer constantly uses the cache, I'd see this being placed on the SSD to be the best bet. But whatif your install is on the SSD also? Performace boost for having the two on separate drives? I did'nt look before I dumped the drive but maybe the install itself is not t
  2. I may pop in here now and then but honestly I just don't have as much free time anymore, hence my unloading of all my land. As for the forums, I agree that moderation can be a bad thing. I deal with a forum for my part time job and thinking by removing certain comments your doing a favor but it end up looking more like favoritism or just wanting to block the negative comment. Thanks for remembering me Clint
  3. Well, I really wasn't expecting to get anything for my troubles but I asked and I guess she felt bad for me. And for this situation, it's only $22.50 but hey.... every dollar helps now days. I went from noob to having a couple sims, downgrading to some mainland, and now I'm basicaly homeless. I'm co-owner of a club that rents on a private sim but times are tough and not enough time nor money for all the extras. I used to be a regular on these forums but just no time and it got to be a joke really with all the bickering between everybody. Questions and Answers became Questions and Bitch
  4. All you can do is ask. A few months ago, they messed up when repairing my inventory and after I asked, they gave me 3k for my troubles. You don't get anything if you don't ask.
  5. If that is the case and viewer time is pulled from the operating system, I would have to say LL's server was out of time sync. This PC and the rest here pull time updates from the server here which gets it's time from time.nist.gov . Just checked server logs here and this PC was not updated on the 15th which means the time I see now is correct. So just have to wait to see what the person reading my ticket will do. In hindsignt, I suppose cutting it that close was not the best thing to do but I did did'nt take in account for LL's server time to be off. Live and learn or I'll get
  6. Yes, like I did like wait till like the last minute. Not like I was going to abandon all my holdings days beforehand. I ended up at .2L/meter and then abandoned it. If it was 30 minutes or 30 seconds, doesn't matter. As far as personal info, my date of birth and born in location? Nobody rally cares. Residents inworld know how I am IRL anyways.
  7. LL insists that I downgraded my account after the billing date. I tried to sell off my mainland till the last few minutes, so I knew what time it was. No wonder people are leaving SL like crazy. Chat Started: 07-18-2011 19:57:45 Chat Log: CoriR Scout: Thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support. My name is Cori. Please be patient with me as I may be handling multiple chats. How can I assist you today? You: Hello Cori, I have a billing issue I hope can be fixed this afternoon. I canceled my premium membership along with getting rid of any mainland holdings. On the 15th of this month I was c
  8. I know what you mean Isis. I have been having the same problems on one of my parcels. I can only get there from certain sims but never from my home. I have a business there and I get many messages from people saying they can't get there either. Now while the solution of reattaching scripted items probably will help, it's not a fix. The question is, why is this only now a issue? I've had the problem for weeks now and my ticket still goes unanswered. Live chat? Forget it, they are useless. They can't even restart a sim, instead asking you to make a ticket. I wish I had a answ
  9. I commented once already and forgot to mention customer service. It totally slipped my mind. But like everybody else has said too, CS is in a poor state. I'd say the worst since I started in 2007. It's very frustrating to start live chat only to see a big CLOSED sign. And to second what sombody else also said, to actually get somebody on live chat only for them to tell you to file a ticket. And I am talking about things that were able to be resolved right away in the past. I do a few side jobs/projects in RL and when I purchase things, one of the deciding factors is how wel
  10. Welcome to Second Life Kim. You must have a great outlook for our future coming from such a big firm as you did. That's great news for all of us I believe. I don't want to add to the long list of to-do's you already seem to be getting in this thread but I think that step one is to make the grid more stable and perform better in order for you work to shine. I just see it as what good is getting a huge increase in residents if it only bogs down the grid. You know? I did'nt mean to sound nagative there and hope that makes sence. Again, welcome to our world Kim and hope you have a
  11. ..continued You may think this would be boring but riding on the Linden Railroads are fun too.
  12. Have you ever visited Avilion Castle Unkle? It's been ages since I have been there but I have had many of wonderful memories from there. I sure hope the place is still there. They have a few RP sims also and used to be fun to wander around there as well. Always friendly people there so maybe you can take Mrs. UnkleBob there sometime. */me hopes not to hear it's gone. Way to many beautiful places have disappeared over the years. Message was edited by: Clint Maggs I shouldn't mentioned that the castle is actually a ballroom. Get your tux on....or gown if your into that.
  13. Elmo.Clarity wrote: How about we throw another wrinkle in the mix and see how this could get out of control.... The argument is that because the URL is posted in game, the person who posted the URL is held responsible. But what if the link is to like a Facebook or MySpace home page and the negative comment/info is posted by someone else, but then shows up in the link outside the control of the first person. Should that person be held responsible for the comment posted by someone else? Personally, I think it would have to be dealt with on a case by case situation. That is a good point.
  14. Thank you all. It seems the general consensus is to AR the object that the questionable content is placed on. Be it a texture, media, or now shared media. ...How does one post at 3am? Depends on where you live. But coffee helps a lot.
  15. Rants, name calling, and specific info about other residents with Shared Media... While the LL Community Standards page makes it clear what is a violation, it does not state in detail how these items can take place. http://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.phpY You can not say anything inworld or on a LL website that violates these items BUT what if it's done through shared media? Example:   Resident X seems he had a good argument against another Resident Z.  Resident X thinks it is best if everybody should know the details of the argument in question but he can not post Resident Z's nam
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