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  1. After a reinstall of the OS, I am delegating space for programs that actually need the performace of the SSD. If anybody has dual drives (one being SSD and the other HDD), which would you choose for the installation folder. And then depending on where you do that, where would you locate your cache folder? Seeing how the viewer constantly uses the cache, I'd see this being placed on the SSD to be the best bet. But whatif your install is on the SSD also? Performace boost for having the two on separate drives? I did'nt look before I dumped the drive but maybe the install itself is not t
  2. I commented once already and forgot to mention customer service. It totally slipped my mind. But like everybody else has said too, CS is in a poor state. I'd say the worst since I started in 2007. It's very frustrating to start live chat only to see a big CLOSED sign. And to second what sombody else also said, to actually get somebody on live chat only for them to tell you to file a ticket. And I am talking about things that were able to be resolved right away in the past. I do a few side jobs/projects in RL and when I purchase things, one of the deciding factors is how wel
  3. Welcome to Second Life Kim. You must have a great outlook for our future coming from such a big firm as you did. That's great news for all of us I believe. I don't want to add to the long list of to-do's you already seem to be getting in this thread but I think that step one is to make the grid more stable and perform better in order for you work to shine. I just see it as what good is getting a huge increase in residents if it only bogs down the grid. You know? I did'nt mean to sound nagative there and hope that makes sence. Again, welcome to our world Kim and hope you have a
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