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  1. If your going to try first I was with someone for 3 years on here traveled back and forth. I would give it a few months build the love. Exchange pictures just be upfront don't have to go in detail never give full info you can give them your first name never give them last tell your ready. Talk on via cam and voice before meeting in real so see each other as you said and to be conferrable you tell each other you likes wants needs desire. Try doing a trial when meeting in real if you travel I say it best for the guy to come to the women have him book a hotel you go meet in public. But allow your close fiends and family know or bring someone along with you on this trial meeting. my friend that meet her guy in real made a deal if she was to travel her friend was coming with her so she felt safe he made the arrangements for her to come do to his work. If he truly wants you do then book the traveling a head of time make sure 2 way one going there one coming back so if you have easy exit in meeting. Because I was doing all the traveling from Illinois to Texas flying back and forth he arranged for fly he did few months a head I know tues can be look for deal for traveling. He earned trust well I had to give my info for the arrangement of traveling also he said if you don't want to come the ticket can be exchanged back so gave me time to think. I went during the holidays Christmas and new years I did stay 6 months. Intuition can tell the truth Well I can read people. But I did Ok as long as you play it safe you should be alright.
  2. Its symbolize love and bond also protection to that person ring or collar some wear bracelets or a locket. Not every one wears a collar its up to them. They could also been curious or where new to the ways. Collar's have been around and the style I seen people even out side of the lifestyle wear them. In the lifestyle collar would mean your are taken but some people wear then to keep people off them until they also find the right one so people may ask if you are taken or not but really a profile should also help. Some new in the lifestyle may not understand until they test one out for them self Second life is a place to try that.
  3. Even if it’s in Sl True man will want to prusue you and lead. He will want to show off in public. He will show you off to friends and family. He will keep tabs on you each day. He will make sure your his world. He make time for you not hide. He will put your name and partner you have your name in bio that your his. He says he can’t be seen with you that truly a red flag. Keeping it secret means ether want side chick don’t lower your self to this. I’m not your boss but I know about these signs and traits. Listen to your heart intuition it allways tells you the truth you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing you also have feelings behind that avatar.
  4. Since just in Sl if this person allready know should not crosses the the line trust is earned not given. Sounds like he pushed you. Your only for online since you have someone in real as long your husband understands. But this your life just block the person move on. Please learn to say No. I also say someone asks for pics then other person should also but should not be forced. You always make flikr leave to that or put in picks with eyes faded out. Know one should force pictures it's goes both ways. Maybe Sl can make feature with albums for more use down the road. I'm not going to judge some people come here they are with person there happy just the other person just does want do the rest yes that can be sad. Other thing partner won't give it or can't do any thing sexaully won't be romantic so this why people come here or they just roleplay. We can't tell people how to live. I'm single ive seen it all in real and sl people have do things when there ready. My sl sister is married in real she beautiful women her husband cheated her said he see other women he did make account here but he not. I don't blame these married people we all got story so just keep as that have your cake two.
  5. Secondlife should allow a name change to some level maybe for small fee 14 dollers. Imvu in past I've changed mine if you premium you got one free name change or if you got married both couple got free name change so they could have the last name. I understand when people got here but some cases name change comes handy on imvu unquie names where limited time. Marriage package included the name change the shares room and marriage badge on profile card for 30 dollers and when they discount was 17 dollers. Maybe in the future they can also add like marriage package I understand it be called partnership package.I love second life can move around things have came along way but we can help with ideas. I adored the truck show event it was like real like wedding expo event cater to wedding clothes and furniture. But maybe make account let sit for 3 months. When I had to marry alt do to stalker I made the guy 5 months he almost a year was on other account ya you gotta protect yourself.
  6. I am Mixed white but I play a Asian some times Colored women we do shed the same blood. We can be whatever we want here Better for people value self and others.
  7. Since everyone lives in Different in Second life Ether was open or poly or was long term or Short Term. But if two People Agreed to be that person Feelings can be really hurt even if in world can the heart will take time to heal. Ether you work it out or move on. Your intuition tells you the truth. They have places if don't long term just Friend and have that company they are classy you don't have to take them home with you only if you want to. But we are people behind these dolls they do have support groups. Or you just have to take a break. Some people Just want the company of another or just keep that way.
  8. 'The human heart has hidden treasures... in secret kept... in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures... Whose charms were broken if revealed.' - Charlotte Brontë
  9. Someone may said in world or first life but yes it all depends its there free will what they are looking for hope the best for them. The last part was only advice take it or leave. We live ans learn. I have friends that are just looking for in world or just be friends or just want company see how it grows. And hope the best in your search.
  10. But if you are looking to go real the person your looking I would be 100 percent upfront with them but between you and them. Just Advice don't have take it but been there done that. But If someone is Married and hiding saying they want real they get off line so fast because there wife of husband is home that excuses keep coming up and the person is waiting around for them the person is going to walk away sooner or later a person will find out the truth. People that are looking for real walk away don't wanna get hurt want to be with someone that 100 percent truthful same goes with friendship and dating in real. Because I done the whole Sl turning in to Real I Meet my ex lasted three years you live and learn. But they will want to voice and Cam see you everyday they will want you meet in real in order for my ex married me on second life he wanted me to meet in real that was the deal. I wrote on myself with his name he wanted know I was telling the truth its not want you say its what you do. If the person does not show up it can be disappointing person wont really want years they want to meet you in few weeks or few months to a year. There are many people that meet on second life they had had to show their true ways as the other.
  11. It all depends if your staying in Sl But if you want real they gonna want the whole nine yards.
  12. But if people want long term they don't wanna deal with a blank profile that someone does not want to voice or even Skype later its a chance of someone running I wont even deal with it. People have their cake two but if your going real or someone wants long term they not going to deal with it they want people that are upfront. I was with someone for 3 years went real I do get it other people do. Men that want real women wants women with real female parts there are some guys that do like guys things may have changed but those looking don't wanna dela with red flags its waste of time.
  13. Yes but if I am going to relationship I wanna know who the person is on the other end not many people like people that hide it depends. Men that wants to go real man want's to know what he is getting. Well if second life required people to have female or male verification it solve the problem then know one would have to ask questions.
  14. They will have some what good body but not a pretty face but very thrown together look A lot them have the same face like on these new body's. Real women update show them self's a Man women wont. if you go real with one they will make up excuses they are guys. Same goes with Married people that lie they don't mix second life with real that they won't show up on time or they have to go right way a real single person got time does not have the baggage.
  15. I can tell from fake women they have old Second life faces they say they don't mix with real. They make excuses why they can't get on cam if they got a Adams apple they are a guy. Men that play women act like bimbos want sex all the time. Real women put there avatar's together right a guy will expand body or make to skinny. They will have fake pictures you can goggle them. Some men will use some fake voicing if they can't cam they may dress as a women they have Adam apple dude won't have a real ***** some get surgery we all know what real one looks like pink inside with a cervix sorry but men will never be women. I seen truthful men that do play women but their are alot fakes men find out late. i had guy pass by to a guy I was like she a dude I was like her face don't look good I think he did not care you will once you get involved when you want real.
  16. It's more than words and somehow more than actions could ever show. It's hard to explicate this feeling I have for you, but it's one I could live out the rest of my days trying to make you understand. - David Reeves
  17. Ya you gotta pay money your best getting a good computer.
  18. Update 2017 I got a hold of Bright Canopy last night all you need is crome browser on iPhone or any phone. But it's small fee of 17 dollers a month. So your worry is over. This should help here the picture I screen shot message but cut out stuff did need to. There people love second life and enjoy want still be able to play need the resources. https://www.brightcanopy.com/
  19. L'Etre and DOUX. Mohna Lisa Couture :::ChicChica::: E U P H O R I C Studio Exposure Makeup And many more I love all Fashion and makeup.
  20. Try Romantic places under Destinations and fall in love. Even places that play music ballrooms and causal hang outs. Or try DateinSl free dating places in sl and a site.
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