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  1. How would I go about finding some realistic looking bat and leathery wings? The wings should have four elongated finger bones and a thumb.
  2. Boots that look like the boots in the picture. A body type or what every it is called that fit with a female that has a lithe, athletic figure. A female head that would look is half Scottish and half Japanese. Would that type of head be need to be made? How much would cost have that head made if I have it made? A black bomber leather jacket that ends nearly at the waist. What is the best to get my avatar in Second Life to be five feet tall?
  3. The picture below shows that color.
  4. What is the difference between those skins?
  5. How do I go about finding a skin that is light reddish copper in color.or a skin close to it?
  6. What do you think of this as the child form of the character? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Gracie-Full-Child-Avatar-Shape/3692805?
  7. How would I go about figuring out what she would wear and what she would look like a female child? What do you think of the description of the wings I want to give? Flaring from her back are black leathery wings that can wrap around her body like a cloak. The joints of the wings are laced with razorlike claws.
  8. How would change face is sound better instead of it being broad and flat? I did think about making her in her true form looking like her human form but with the features, I put in the original description of her true form.
  9. I need help with setting up one of my role-playing characters. This character is a monstrous looking female who has the ability to assume the form of an eight-year-old female. I know that this character will be an evil character. As of right now, the description below is the description of what her true form look right now. How can I make the description of her true form sound better and add to the description a description of her wings? DO you think I should change her face from being broad and flat? Physical Description: From a distance, you see a small bat-winged female child, but that is not the case on closer inspection. She stands a little more than three feet tall. She has unnaturally smooth and featureless slate gray skin that is inhumanly cold. A bone ridge runs down the center of her skull. Her face is broad and flat. Black hair gently cascades down her back down to her elbows. In both of her large ears that come to a rounded point, she wears a golden circular earring. Her eyes are luminous, sulfuric yellow orbs. Long jagged fang-like teeth line her large mouth. Four chains are wrapped around her chest and torso. I got the idea for making this character from the following. If you are wonder where the stuff listed below comes from it comes from Heroes Unlimited. The Micro Wizards are a rare, supernatural race known as the Terlin. They are a distant, and far more powerful, cousin to gremlins. Their natural appearance is that of a bloated, wrinkled, monstrous child, male or female, but can shape change to appear to be a normal human. In their human appearance, each child is almost always beautiful or somehow sympathetic.
  10. I do not need everything to be 100% though would like the horns is possible close to ones in the picture since those horns are a favorite of mine. I would like not speed more than say 3000L on an item. I do not plan to get naked as of right now. This happens to be a RP character if that helps any. I have chosen to use the Belleza shape.
  11. What would be the best way to recreate my Imvu Avatar in Second Life from the picture below which is what my avatar looked like in Imvu?
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