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  1. I have no problem with anyone doing what ever they please. I do have an issue with her staff using my Residents Beds. My Residents have an issue with it, they don't want to log on and see someone else using their beds... I have included the photos, I appreciate all Comments. We started to put a large building next to them. Thank You
  2. I have a neighbor who has decided to put up huge signs that tell me to kiss her Ass, she has my name on these Signs and my business name. I own a Sim and half of land, she possibly owns the plot on the SIM next to me. She owns a Whore House, I own a rental community. My Staff banned her and a few others from her establishment. We have had complaints from residents in the past whom complain about Hookers from another SIM across from us using their Sex Beds.This same Resident has a huge logo high in the sky almost encroaching on my land. She did have some items encroaching, and we sent the
  3. If this is true, how does one go about doing that. I would like to read up on it, is there information posted somewhere? I have a lot of questions, hope I get some answers. LOL
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