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  1. Hello, I am a skin and makeup creator within second life introducing a new store called IV. In this case it pertains to testing my partners’ (Boheme skin) body appliers & making sure that they correspond and match accordingly with my face appliers. If anyone is willing to take a moment to to and help me understand how to upload & display bakes on mesh compatible textures, it would be greatly appreciated and I am also willing to offer 5,000 linden to this person because I do have an event to set up fot (Unik) and my partner seems to be unavailable at the moment. Thank you,
  2. Hello, I am looking to pay someone who can provide me with a custom skin for my avatar. She wears Catwa Catya head and Maitreya lara mesh body. If you are good at this sort of thing, please message me in world asap! And please try to have some work on hand that you can show me to better help me decide in moving forward IW: Carmensanderss
  3. Hello, I am opening a cosmetic store soon and I would like to find someone who is really good with detailing and meshing objects that I can use as decor in my in world store and/or at booths during events. Please contact me here or in world (Preferably in world) if you are or know someone who would be good at this and charges a fair price. I am certainly willing to pay for anyones time. If I am not online during the time you are trying to reach me, you can also contact me via discord ( VAIN #3258 ) or Skype: Lovecarmensanders
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