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  1. Update was made to eBody Curvy and Classic 8.6 in world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Island/235/155/2001 Read the notice in group for help with the hud and updade eBODY STORE and update at the redelivery terminal: Introducing new products: eBODY NON UPDATABLE CLASSIC and CURVY. These are the same as full versions but will not be updated. Available at the eBODY STORE, cost is 900L. We are making clothing in store starting with Julia Shorts
  2. You can ask a manager at ebody the update 8.6 is in so you can get the update.
  3. Mesh has came along way new experince every day and surprises place to explore things to see. Love trying out new things. You create you happiness and around and lift others up.
  4. I rent a house and little land but there are lines and only people that can get in if I add them to the land or to the group and tenants. my mail box is the add box. Can make it where only group can get in or you have to ass people. My advice set furniture to group only or owner if you don't want people to use your things yes many furniture now these days. Thing is People should not be going in to people homes you have to make some alterations to fix those things You can turn of ban lines when they want people over or want it public. People can't see in my house ether they can come up to the door and ring the bell I don't mind people I had people over but as long they don't go pass my boundaries rules but manners are must maybe I am little strict but kind but you gotta have some rules. When I have problem I ask the lady where I live when I need help like setting voice to only in the line. Thing is ether make a meeting with this person tell them that not all residents want people going in there home if they don't want that you need to make lines in the area where people rent if some people make friends with these other people that up to the. Make a deal or make you may have to move in the past I had this problem where I rented but there was no lines around the house and anyone could come in just if people rent a house or land they need there privacy. You need to do what is best here in sl you can move in real that is diffren't depending on things. Good luck and happy Fall.
  5. @Lindal Kidd Well it was a idea but I understand. Well it may be best to work some times or have to love in sl you can move any where sometimes you gotta do what is best.
  6. I had bully back in high school the thing is can't beat them join them became good friends. If you could ask LL if they could have a meeting with you and this neighbor set some Etiquette rules that need can be agreed on bind in contract to the land truly this is virtual world everyone should be happy not against t each other.
  7. Also Again about the badges Designers to have them So that some other person can't make a profile of them pretend to be them. How about someone want's be verified but yes many of are but as adult but to know we are who we say we are up to that person like have a star Just put female or male what the choice is if we show Id of verfication so people can stop asking if someone is what or whatever.
  8. if you could make page for creators and bloggers to share a blog I know its built on here so we don't have to use flikr. I understand yes could use the threads but would need to be probably diffren't. More sliders on the body in the middle part of the torso and other area's for appearance options.
  9. I feel if people had a wishlist in the profile instead of writting it would save from people thinking people only want gifts really imvu had this I know second life could have one but one of there own second life so much better.
  10. The other thing the complex I hope changes when bento came out 2016 I did get bent hands and a head this was before complex well I know you guys working on so much maybe complex needs to go back to the way use to be it gets laggy the high complex stuff there is some good old stuff I wish I could wear I have good video card but someone wear over 100k or 200k it makes everyone be a magnet you can have good computer I had to re render these I keep my stuff down to 50k I wish they need rules at events where people keep the complex down at ballroom I can see that is diffren't there more layers of clothes. I think some designers don't know some things they make are high complex until someone else wears it even blogging some things why gotta demo everything. I know its some say maybe soon this all can change this high complex gotta change.
  11. I been here 4 years on this account but I have been here 6 I made account back then did not know how to download it back them then came in 2014 started over. But we use are minds vitalization and idea how things help others.
  12. It was only to fix some things that is up to them. I am a body tester so on I just go to a lot of places some people need more group room for fashion and following. Well the romance yes has been diffren't over the years not saying its hard find places but if how it was before and diffren't idea's with etiquette getting all dressed up not getting hit on by the someone saying lets go to my place and bang I like to go to ballrooms and love gowns I like to enjoy my time at the end of the day the music and class but like to be around people with mature mind get deep in the mind conversation cause even the ga places have people private messaging people trying to get you get in bed get little old sorry if I say maybe some rules to fix this not everyone in second life is looking for sex we have many mature minds also we really love the old romance back. The badge is like a sticker not just the writing as partner or marriage but also designers I am saying like a sticker. Also having a more album room for photo's or slide shows in the profile.
  13. You need to make it group only make ban lines in the home area's make the roads so people can look around for home maybe only have welcome area for the people that come in looking for a home. But you have to put your foot down only allowing you and the people that live there.
  14. If we could have bit more writing room in are profile on the 2nd life page of the profile. Maybe if we could have thing say's on the side of the profile female or male but check list it but only put tho those people. or have thing saying single or looking or taken but up to those. Have a partnership or marriage badge on the profile. Like if someone click on you can say in clear letters saying single or taken this would truly help I know some do not read but profile's but tag line saying when someone looks at you or clicks yes would have to be invisible but only show the tagline words not sure if this has ever been brought up. Another Question maybe more group slots like 200 or more so we don't have to leave them maybe option for people could buy the slots for more group room or premium. Also the Romance that some adults need to be able to find the classy romantic places with more dancing and connection with out the bang bang like the old days and courtship with manners so singles can find someone ether sl or go real.
  15. Lots of post wow every one has their own art of beauty.
  16. Second life is like real you pay for your property second life has to take care the servers on that property to reset hims and fix things that is what they do. Thing is work your way to things you can start flipping burgers if you have to get a decent job in real or make stuff in second life to make money to own land.
  17. Well You come to second life you bring yourself here and your energy your sharing with the whole wide world. Meditate do breathing methods. Go outside 15 mins a day. Think postie stay in the present moment embrace what you have. You gotta let out but share with those you get to know and trust more you let go the more you are free. I have anxiety and ADHD we all have something know one is perfect we have to find what we can do. I study years ago became Master Teacher with energy healing to find ways to coup and stress management. meditation groups and talk and support groups. SOS is support group in world they help people that need support or some where to talk. SOS Support place Your not alone many people come to second life they come here also for new start this is a getaway. Survivors of Suicide Peer Support Group Depression Helpline in world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//174/31/24
  18. Well they could change this to new changes.
  19. You will not lose your avatar. People that have to take a break then come back I have done this. If you cancel it will stop on the day you signed up for premium but make sure you abandon your premium house first before canceling. I had two accounts that had premium I did cancel one I never lost a avatar.
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