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  1. People are only looking out for you. You have been here a short 4 months, you have a whole journey to take on here it's just like first life you have to take life by the horns.
  2. Some people have nothing better to do then bash they are not happy in real they should go learn to love learn to love others . They come to the forum because it's their only way of their childs play because they can't do it in real life but if it was in a world or chat group they would be asked to leave or for trolling and bashing and acting like a 2 year old gets old after a while. Know's ones perfect in second life some are still growing but some really need to grow up and get some therapy.
  3. 🎄Christmas is coming maybe Santa will send you that convertible. But in sl there a lot of freebies and hunts their are ways to make money like fishing and collecting crystals or quest . . 🎄 Marilyn Monroe - "Santa Baby"
  4. Well people vanish they can't do the job for the relationship/Friendship/Business or they have insecurities or don't want to hurt the person feelings they are not ready for that kind of thing or they have a lot of fears they think someone else will fill in the gap for you. These people are still trying to find them self's it happens in Real and Sl Just understand it not your fault they have their own things to take care of. The new ghosting is now Benching something you have to be careful of also they lead you on you know hear what you want to hear but never go out in public or take you out o
  5. Update was made to eBody Curvy and Classic 8.6 in world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Island/235/155/2001 Read the notice in group for help with the hud and updade eBODY STORE and update at the redelivery terminal: Introducing new products: eBODY NON UPDATABLE CLASSIC and CURVY. These are the same as full versions but will not be updated. Available at the eBODY STORE, cost is 900L. We are making clothing in store starting with Julia Shorts
  6. You can ask a manager at ebody the update 8.6 is in so you can get the update.
  7. Mesh has came along way new experince every day and surprises place to explore things to see. Love trying out new things. You create you happiness and around and lift others up.
  8. Have to remeber the simpler times of Single in both no baggage no kids I enjoy being single I don’t open judt to a yone been reserved. love is rare it's takes someone special to really wake it up. Everyone here for somthing online turn to dating you can’t find someone walking down these steet like back in the old days. Virtual world in world is new dating. Love , Romance, Conversation, Good connection, On the same page.
  9. Age is only a Number and 37 is is still young older age. Truly it take man who can understand you. Beacause your serious I have seen her around she a nice gal she Looking for real why is that rare Some want to vanish that. Everyone comes to second life for somthing If they are looking that up to them who want to enter. Voice and cam conversation can help both mannerly way. I’m 34 but look younger older are looking younger these days. She will open up as trust is earned and the heart not Just give it. Im one those looking for real but Im gonna stick up for her she got the guts maybe more Should
  10. ? ?Time and place for it but truly its how far you want to take it with that person both ways in that mode in between role play and outside of it. Communication in that trust of role play how far you want to share with that person as of them and agreeing on things and limits. I mean its virtual world you make it what you want you create that happiness get in the mood of role play visualization the right energy and connection. But it up to you and those who you role play with some things don't have to go so far what you agree on if you want it to be real or role play like a movie a good actor
  11. Things you need to know about BDSM. Talk to your partner first: Having a conversation prior to your first encounter is much better than just showing up in leather with a riding crop in your hand. With power comes responsibility. BDSM relationship must be built on trust, knowing that your;e dominant will be there to take care of you in the end,both physically and emotionally. Consent & Communication Having forceful sex with someone is not BDSM. Both partners’ consent is required in BDSM. BDSM doesn’t have to hurt. Isn’t all way's about whips and chains and handcuffs.
  12. That is up to them what they want to in that conversation. But if someone wants real the others not its good not to mess with a relationship allow someone that can meet in real you can all way's be friends. Truly I could not wait around for someone or even years game is all fun and all but meeting in real is being willing and committed and upfront not being lead on. People can be what they want but you can't mess with people's emotions or feelings once the trust is broken it can never be. • Its rare to find love the person you maybe looking for is not on this planet its take someone spec
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