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  1. My first Mesh Avy I had a catwa Justin head and an Adam body. Now I use a Lelutka head and Signature Gianni Body. Lelutka.Head.Guy 3.4. yeah I know, OLD but I like it so why change?
  2. There ARE Alternatives to Flickr that may be available in China. Give these a try: https://500px.com/ http://imgur.com/ https://www.deviantart.com/ https://instagram.com/ http://www.smugmug.com/ https://www.thislife.com/ https://photos.google.com/ https://yandex.com/images/ Click on the links, if it's banned in China you'll know.
  3. one trick I use that works is this: Hold down the CTRL key while you log on. For some reason, doing this makes you log in normal.
  4. I have speedlight on my cell. I occasionally use it if I am away from my computer. But not very often.
  5. For those wondering, theborderliner is female, I did get her started with her shape, but she will need help with her body and head.
  6. Well first off, what does it look like now? Is it male or female? Do you have money to invest in it? Your post is pretty vague. We all started out learning how to make our avy. I doubt anyone here thought their first avy looked remotely close to realistic. Be prepared to dump at LEAST 10k Linden into a decent avatar.
  7. 100 L$ = 1USD, hmm, 500 L$ = 5 USD 5,000 L$ = 50 USD 50,000 L$=500 USD 500,000 L$ = 5,000 USD Using the Linden Exchange rate as of this writing: 100 L$ = 41 cents USD 500 L$ = 2.04 USD 5,000 L$ = 20.33 USD 50,000 L$ = 203.26 USD 500,000 L$ = 2,032.53 Conversely, using that same linden rate, 100 USD would get you 24,600 L$, under the proposal that would cost 246 USD. Over twice as much USD!
  8. I did DJ in RL (And occasionally still do). When I DJ on SL, That graphic nailed it! But I do it as a hobby as well.
  9. Hanging out in front of my MC clubhouse next to my bike.
  10. ACK! The 2014 me...HIDEOUS!!! and I thought it looked cool back then! 🤣
  11. Granted but you only get them in very tiny bottles the size of your thumb. I wish I had 1 million lindens per week.
  12. Granted, However your avatar is now a housefly. Wish I could afford my own sim.
  13. When I Was a noob, it would have been nice for someone to up and give me 1k Linden. But back then 1k went a lot further then it does now.
  14. Sent this to my cousin who is fighting ovarian cancer. Told her to listen carefully to the lyrics!
  15. Lazy by Deep purple (RIP Keyboard GENIUSJon Lord)
  16. I've been going through all the Different viewers on my linux machine and of them all, Cool VL Viewer NEVER gives me a problem with my graphics...and even keeps my framerate acceptable. Seems the most popular "OFFICIAL" Third party viewers will give me a decent frame rate at first, take virtually forever to render, then go downhill from there (With the exception of singularity).
  17. I'm pretty content with how my avi looks.
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