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  1. Yep that can happen, I had something like that but in reverse happen heard the music but showed the old home on my screen clicked the drop down menu and the Bellisseria house was listed but by the time I shifted thru the windows it was gone. But after that when the screen refreshed it automatically pulled up the Bellisseria homes or houseboats when it did find one. I wish I could transfer my homes to people I hear on the forums that really want a house and are not very particular on what they are looking for I have one currently debating on if I am going to release and try again but would
  2. Exactly me and hubby have done that for years we rented land and paid any where from $60-$80 a month now between the both of us we pay $24 a month maybe even less since we pay annually so you do the math. Even though it is less prims then we normally deal with because I love decorating the inside of the home and always adding items I just have to downsize that urge. But if I am allowed one of these nice little homes with my Premium whether I have one or five accounts I am going to take the option to obtain one. My money and yes my time.
  3. I have my account, my husband has his own account, and my friend has her account so no I have only one premium, just have access to other accounts to help them get a home. If you seem to actually want to know my business.
  4. Hehe, I just either sit at work with it running in the background or at home doing the same think until I either see the pop-up window at work or the ding at home and then it is all luck from there.
  5. Trust me I was the same way I went off on a tantrum when these where first released and how they released them during working hours for me. By the time I was able to get home they were all sold out. I mean I literally blew my top so I understand your frustration. It will come I almost just gave up with the whole process I then decided to use the auto refresh feature and was able to get my first property in which I released because I did not like the location. Got my second one for my hubby without even really trying logged on it popped up I clicked on it and got it. The third piece
  6. You still did not transfer the home to my name I am still waiting lol.
  7. Any pics of his place? @RaeLeeH oh I am sorry was joking and did not even see the rest of the post that you have the flu instead of water I will bring you some chicken noodle soup get well!
  8. Why you coughing hehe need me to get you some water oh no I know why you and I are in the same boat . Sweetmarsh if I remember from my flying around in the different areas has a lot of water areas correct?
  9. My where does your yard space end this is when I say some people have a lot of space between them and there neighbor. Nice corner home is this in a new area I thought they did a bit more landscaping in those. Looks like my yard with just trees.
  10. Ok would you like to add my name to the property as owner hehe. That is a lovely little spot thank you for the pic.
  11. Hate when there are no pics and cant get into the game to see what you are talking about sigh.
  12. I need a job like that to just landscape areas, I know they have those stress points also but to sit in front of my computer and just help in designing an area would be my dream job, instead I hear complaints all day about a machine or software not working. Can I swap jobs hehe. But really they have to work on off hours and not just SLT business hours they would not be able to get enough of these areas to be released in a timely manner. And if they are also releasing other areas that are just not the traditional homes and houseboats but also soon to be trailers they have to be on somewhat
  13. Good luck on getting things near the water been waiting for that for awhile. I was able to get one home for my hubby one block over from the water but the houses that have their backyard facing the water will probably never get abandoned you just have to pray and hope you get one from one of the new releases. Or get a houseboat like I did for my friend you get water on all sides lol.
  14. Ok I need you to come and landscape for me what is your fee hehe. I can always decorate the inside of a home pretty good to my liking but when it comes to the outside you can forget about it.
  15. Very nice that is what I like to see.Nice iron gate in the front normally they leave it open. I have to say I was not a houseboat fan but since I got my friend her houseboat and have actually played around with the looks and settings it is pretty nice inside, has a bit more customization then my traditional homes.
  16. I like to start seeing people post there new homes if not in here in another post but Congrats! to All that got a home/houseboat.
  17. Yep I was about to post that but got sidetracked at work but was going to state that it is not really listed anywhere, that main post has not been updated in awhile yet we have had a few releases since then. I just try to weed thru the posts and when I start seeing people mention a release will be today I pop an update on that post so I get notifications. I also start up my auto refresh program just in case. Like yesterday's release I saw posts stating that things where very quiet and no one had heard any mentions of a release. So I figured one would not be done. I went home and si
  18. Ok thank you, yes that is what I wanted to know I am surprised I got her a houseboat in the new area without even really trying. When it came to my turn it took forever still debating if I am keeping your old property or not seen some nice areas being created .
  19. Nice little rest area and the view of the balloon reminds me of spots in Venice.
  20. What region was being released trying to figure out to tell my friend if this is one I got her or just an abandoned houseboat in another region?
  21. Well interesting as I woke up and on another error screen this morning for a friend and of course something happened and gave her a houseboat, now not sure if this is an old area or new Penitent Beach, I see a few next to that have the read text and are empty so not sure if these were abandoned.
  22. Oh wouldn't that be nice to see but I really don't think anything will be released today seems to be very quiet. But on a good note I was able to get around to see the various areas there are a few spots I would have loved to have gotten they are on the beach linked to a cove and had little decks in the back with beach chairs. I truly forgot the area name as I was flying over each area real quick and at one point lost the fact when I left one area and went in another. Where a few areas that have not been released yet that I bumped into that also seemed nice could not get a feel of the de
  23. Clear your cache and cookies something may be hanging so anytime you go back to the page it reloads that screen.
  24. I currently am one of those people that have not decorated yet because I have not had the time other then adding a few cosmetic add on’s to the house outside to see if I like it. Someone is planning on decorating one of my houses but just not sure what we are going to do with the other. I don’t have a theme in mind yet so yes it is empty. I am not a fan of the blinds because then unable to see the view outside the windows so neighbors around me will have to deal with a empty home for now.
  25. What area is this so I know what to look at for even though it is not for me. I added an add on to one of my homes but still is part of the theme just adds an extra room and also a patio area in the back. I had a property that I was not happy with because of how things where placed outside my boundary and decided to release so someone else would enjoy. But that was also before they prevented you from refreshing after 10 times. The process is now even a bigger pain to acquire a home so you just have to weigh your options. Can you decorate to improve the walls or are they just so
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