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  1. Nice little pond behind those houses, someone will have some nice little homes when they go up for grabs.
  2. Hmm really wish I was on the game right now to actually verify that info I swear the two plots next to me look a lot larger and they have bushes going all the way around the home also both house sit nicely in the middle of the land. My home the bushes don't even go half way around the house, the house is off centered and basically on an incline between the house on the hill on one side and flat land house on the other side love to add a photo to show it clearly. I don't have a houseboat so can't even comment other then having the choice to change the look of the houseboat. Maybe it would
  3. There are different sizes for both the houseboats and homes but have the exact same prims which I think is 351 if I remember correctly it is all a preference of your taste on which style you want. It is the same setup like the old linden homes you have a choice of four different styles. The only difference is the plot of land I think some people look as though they have more parcel space but that could just be me but we are allocated the same amount of prims I am guessing, been a long time since having a linden home normally purchase land from others.
  4. I feel your pain the house I currently have cant do anything with the landscaping because it is outside the property the neighbor on one side in on a small hill so the land on that side is so uneven. The moles put a shrub fence only partial way around the front but you dont really walk straight up to the house it is off centered on the property. Just going to release it when I get home from work I have made the decision to go back into the fight for another location we will see if hubby's is better.
  5. Haha! now when I am trying to get something for myself took forever and still not happy with the location of the house so probably will be releasing it. The more I look at the property it is so off centered the bushes and land are not completely flat like all the neighbors around me. But this is not what I came on to really say. I just happened to log into hubby's account to see if any homes or houseboats popped up since I am bored at work one came up right away clicked on it and bingo he now has a home. Now why did mines take a year and a half to obtain. I still have to have him log
  6. Well there you go people the ones we are seeing currently are just probably releases from other players. That is why you are only seeing one or two. I say get that person some Tamiflu and shove it down there throat lol j/k.
  7. It should really only be one screen to click and a houseboat just went up my hubby stated but of course he missed it.
  8. There is a lot I would like also but it is all random on what you get by the location, so it is a hit and miss. It would be nice to pick and choose in a perfect world but this world is sure not perfect and because we are almost playing a lottery game with these houses your probably, like me are not going to get exactly what you are looking for.
  9. I wish I had one closer to the water, currently my location is not the greatest but until they actually release a good number of homes not going to release it. My in-world hubby is still on a mission for his so maybe he can get a better location and then we just move into that one.
  10. Looking for an interior/exterior designer for a small project. I recently came in possession of one of the new linden homes and have not had time to decorate home. I have plenty of items to supply or if you supply that is great. I can be contacted in game Tootsiepop1 or leave me a note card with your information and I will get back to you. Thank you
  11. Yes she is but I guess she feels confident enough that she is going to get the location she wants. Would love to have an ocean view but if I am not picking my location and it is just random I can only wish and dream. This is why I have not released the one I got this morning.
  12. hmm interesting thing happened I woke up did not even look at my machine since yesterday evening after trying to grab one of the 5 homes/houseboats that popped up nothing this morning I was on an error screen when I refreshed said I had a home in Arabella now that is very interesting even though I can even ;log on to see what that even is. Update guess I got a home don't know how and not the one I wanted but guess I will take it.
  13. Interesting I used your auto refresh program did everything for it to detect Bellisseria name 3 times it popped up saying it detected the word yet page never showed the new home stayed on the old home page. One of them I actually said maybe it was in the drop down list low and behold there it was listed normally it would show instead of the old home page so now that is an extra step to try and click before it is gone.
  14. Yep, this has been the longest time I have been without a home normally purchase one from someone else but gave that up and then released the nasty old linden home because your not able to see the new homes option so go figure.
  15. Yes, I have not seen anything pop up so here we have that dilemma if everyone see's the same thing or are they just going so fast that maybe a few people see it pop up because they go under 3 seconds flat.
  16. Ok, these are popping up at very bad times if people are seeing these say 5 hours ago for people that live in est time zone this is well in the wee hours of the morning half of us are still sleeping really terrible I hope these are just releases from players and not linden.
  17. People I am guessing are not having fun at this point trying to even get a new home which is the problem. Yes it is nice that each area will have it's own theme. They attempted that with the old homes minus the nice landscaping but to me they where very congested and to close to each other could not stand looking into someone else's home no privacy what so ever other then turning on the blinds feature, so never kept it. Always paid to rent land from someone else but now would love to get rid of the extra expense, if I can ever get one of these new homes. I am not even a big fan of the tr
  18. Lol I think it was 2 houses that went lol cant believe that a region of homes in 3 seconds went that fast you cant even go thru the confirmation screens that fast.
  19. Lol have mines set to 1 second still saw nothing at all. That is just amazing I mean it must have been only a few homes up for grabs to go in 3 seconds flat.
  20. Ok I did not even see anything come up and have auto refresh on so something is up what is really going on.
  21. Yep correct why if you don't want to be homeless for any period of time it is hard for you to look for one of the new homes great system.
  22. I work in IT so that is basically that is "bleep", whenever we do any updates, patches or roll-outs we always have a time frame, you cant just expect to push something on someone at the spur of the moment. The only time we cant judge time frames is if something unexpected happens or goes wrong.
  23. You wont see it until you get thru all screens to only be told they are sold out. Why I wish once you get the option it is locked to you for say 5-10 min if you don't claim it then it is open to someone else.
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