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  1. Hehe not in despair it is what it is lol I have barely been on the game in the pass day or so. Keep getting emails/text messages from friends telling me to try and get them a home because I was able to get 3 so far but not like I want to go thru this over and over again. It is a pain.
  2. Same trying to get for a friend that is on vacation and 10 times gave me a unknown error on the houseboats refreshed the same screen not liking this cap. Was better when I got my home and my hubby's home
  3. Well will be happy to get to the pension age but right now it is 2:03 pm so things like this that happen are not feasible and get missed by people on EST. I don't mind right now until I can look at the new areas to see if I want to release and get a new one if I am lucky.
  4. And they did of course people are working and can't go to any party nor watch the home screen for when they pop up but it is all fine in SL land. When I get home today going to do some exploring and see what people are so hyped about regarding some of the newer released areas.
  5. Hmm that is what I was thinking why I wish some people getting the newer releases show pics. I have not been able to get on in the game for the past day want to actually explore some of these areas and newly developed areas.
  6. Eww they have caught on to the refresh madness guess that is a deal breaker and hope since they made that change then they have a better solution on how people are able to obtain a home/houseboat/trailer.
  7. That is good because that is probably the most annoying thing to see these pop up on your screen and by the time you click thru the acceptance screen it is gone. @RaeLeeH I like the home you released and I in turn got but I notice not much privacy as far as bushes or a fence around the home which I have to decide do I take the time to landscape which that is probably not going to happen since I have to be in a creative mind set or do I release again lol. We have already started laying out the design for my hubby's property since that is sand and have plenty of decor from a previous l
  8. I would not even be able to snag one since I would have to release the current one I have and not at home. I am wondering if houseboats are even being released as I have not seen many in awhile now.
  9. Good luck on the beach front opportunity lol think a few of us want that option and the only way that is going to happen if a new area is released or one of our nice SL players that currently has one releases it 🤗.
  10. Ah thank you I maybe able to work with that as it has some actual yard space not figuring I am going to get much closer to the water unless it is a houseboat because I know those that are right near the water are not going to release.
  11. Haha your right it may be her old property if she is on and has a pick would greatly appreciate it or I will do the same and release when I get home. Sad thing is I wish there was a release button on the site and not for me to logon and abandon.
  12. Lol I gave up my old house this morning, I started the hard track to get another new home. Now I am at work and really not suppose to have this auto refresh on my computer not paying attention and same thing that happened at home happened at work flipped over and saw the big sold out screen attempted to refresh numerous times but kept getting the error. I closed and reopened the site and low and behold I have another home. I am liking my luck all of a sudden hope this one is a better location though and I hope someone that got my old location enjoy's it. Anyone can tell me that
  13. Congrats! it is a sigh of relief when you do get one and then another when it is not what you want lol. Get to decorating
  14. I totally understand the frustration I was in this same boat as most when it came to getting a home. I was frustrated with the process of how these were released. Not happy that they based it around SL time which yes like you stated was not conducive to most of us on EST that work and are unable to paste their face to a computer screen or phone. Many of these current releases like you stated favors people who are either 1) not living in the Western Hemisphere or 2) Living in the Western Hemisphere but not working normal daytime business hours. This makes it unbelievable difficult to acqu
  15. Lol join the debate on giving up your linden home it is a hard choice you don't know if you will get what you are actually looking for or go back into the endless struggle to get one. On my account I have a home I really don't like the location and rather that someone who will actually enjoy it receive it but with this lottery method on getting a home/houseboat seems to slow up I have yet to release it. Right now I stay in my hubby's home that is close to the beach we are a block over but still can see the water so that is fine with me pretty nice neighborhood it is located in Jamesb
  16. Yep I understand your pain I am at work so very hard to constantly pin my nose to the screen and watch these homes/houseboats pop up. I am not frustrated for myself but for others because this just does not seem like a good way of releasing these homes. I got my property out of the window of the releases but wanted to release the one I had to get another at a better spot. Guess that will not happen. And yes that agreement page is the killer for most because while your trying to click to accept it someone has already snagged it and you get the nice message that it is sold out. A
  17. So people have to just judge when they are going to be released if they come up on your auto refresh screen or not but no other warning. Just wondering how some people actually know what area is being released and the time.
  18. Ok I must not be viewing the updated post on when these are being released thought Patch updated this thread where else is this being posted so we know? Thank you
  19. Are we referring to houses released by players or the actually release from Niantic?
  20. When did they state houses where released today? Either I am not looking at the correct post or it is being documented somewhere else.
  21. Yes, I understand that and well aware how they separate the parcels they just did not do such a good job in the front of the one I got I finally was able to post a pic above. It is ok the land I got for the hubby early makes up for it I am going to be releasing mines to see if I can get one of the plots in the newer areas or maybe even a houseboat since we would have two homes.
  22. Yep and I figuring the shape of the one house is going the long way and not side by side like the houses around me so it looks very off centered. Most pics you see of the homes people have an even amount of space on both sides of the house and are centered in the middle of the property nicely and not off to the left or right side. I could not even build a garage on the side or anything to connect to the house, their is enough room in the back but like the front of the house to be presentable that is the first thing you will see. The house is pushed so close to the road that it also h
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