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  1. NealCrz wrote: Shot by Strawberry Singh Love this picture. You look sexy beyond belief. TriteStatic wrote: Hi. This is me. Gosh everyone looks so gorgeous!! Love this pose - you look cute, sassy and sexy. AnnariaB wrote: Thats me baby! Beautiful avatar, beautiful picture.
  2. Is that sigh because it is too cool or because it is just right for night-time temps? :smileyhappy: Tomorrow it's supposed to get down to 34F here and have a high of 59F, but it will be sunny. Perfect weather for walking. Hope you have a fun day.
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Here in East Southeast Wisconsin it's a beautiful day. It snowed last night, bringing in cooler weather so today it's gorgeous (and 28). Yesterday I almost took took of my painting sweatshirt. Yeah, isn't it funny how say 20 degrees F in the spring is so much warmer than in the fall. In the fall the days are getting shorter and seem so gloomy and our bodies are not yet aclimatized to colder temps but in the spring 20 is not bad at all and there seems to be so much more sunshine. Hope you get some sunny weather. You too Val.
  4. Val good luck with quitting. I like to tell people it's easy... I did it 3 times. :smileyhappy: Seriously though each time I started smoking again it was because I was dating or hanging around someone who smoked. It started out as just bumming a cigarette to be sociable. (Smoking with someone is very bonding, for example smoking a peace pipe or passing around a joint.) After bumming from them several times I would buy them packs or cartons. Then that progressed to buying for myself. When I got pregnant I quit for the last time. So even if you end up smoking again that habit can be bro
  5. Des, thanks, your new look is pretty fantastic too. ETA: Also thanks Neal.
  6. Your new look is fantastic. What skin is it and can we see a body shot? EDIT: I didn't mean it that way but ...
  7. You can call me Diane (the name of my avatar). When I set up my account I didn't realize how SL worked. I thought I would give a name for an account and then be able to create several avatars, naming each one. Oh well.
  8. Monday, Monday, can't trust that day .... I slept in and feel like I may be coming down with a cold or it could just be the onset of spring pollen season here in North Florida. Val hope you start feeling better. Stay in bed and pamper yourself. Love the picture and yours too Maddy :matte-motes-big-grin: Happy Monday Hippie and everyone else.
  9. Tuesday hugs to you Val and everyone. Another cute photo. :smileyhappy:
  10. valerie Inshan wrote: Happy Valentines day to you Hippie! I love you too!!! That's so adorable. Perfect for Valentine's day.
  11. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Good morning, Hippie, Val, Par, Lia, Studio, and the rest of you Kids!!! Love it. Hope everyone is having a great day, even if it's raining like it's predicted for here.
  12. It sounds like fun. I'm intending to go in world soon (haven't in several months) and this sounds like the perfect opportunity. I have something else scheduled for this afternoon but maybe I can make it before and/or after. Take lots of pictures and let us know where we can view them, just in case. (I've noticed you take really good pictures, as well everyone else in this thread.)
  13. Yes, I'm better. You get alot of snow in your area so I guess you do have to clean it off as it accumulates and you just know as soon as your snow blower dies you'll get a big storm. Hope the snow delays until you can get it fixed or replaced.
  14. Happy Friday. I'm back in sunny Florida. Got home yesterday after being sick for a week. Almost every time I go north to visit family for the holidays I get sick. Whatever anybody has I catch it. But today is warm and sunny - shirtsleeve weather. Plan on going for a walk in a little bit. Hope everyone has a great weekend. P.S. Maddy do you need to shovel? Just walk over the snow and pack it down, unless it is very deep. How much do you have? Coffee/hot chocolate breaks are something to look forward to, at least.
  15. Maddy those pictures are amazing. Madelaine McMasters wrote: ... Here's my favorite from the series... This one almost looks like a wedding cake.
  16. valerie Inshan wrote: Good morning Hippie, Maddy, Lia, Studio and all! Hope you're all safe and warm! Found this photo on a French newspaper's website today: you're not dreaming, this is Florida!!!! Warm hugs guys! Citrus growers in Florida will sometimes spray misty water on their orchards when a light freeze is predicted to help prevent the fruit from freezing. Looks like it got much colder than a light freeze. Hope the cold weather is past by the time I get back home to northern Florida next week. Of course that means I'll have to get off my lazy butt and start waking again. :smi
  17. Oh poor Stewie. Cats have higher body temperatures than humans so they feel the cool even more that we do. Luckily he's got nice thick fur too.
  18. Hippie Bowman wrote: Good morning Studio! Ahh! A fellow Floridian! Well it was 35F this morning here in the Tampa bay area! It promises to be a warm weekend though! Peace! If that's the high it's cold even for Tallahassee where I live. It's supposed to wam up here in Va for the weekend too.
  19. Hi all. I'm visiting family in Virginia and the weather here is the coldest they've had in 20 years. Looking forward to getting home to Florida weather. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  20. Merry Christmas, happy boxing day and good morning. I'm currently spending the holidays with family in Connecticutt and Vermont so got some fresh snow for Christmas. Don't need any more snow since I've already had my taste.
  21. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Good morning, Hippie!!! I think you'll find it's easier to decorate the tree now that I've laid it on the floor for you... He (or she) looks so adorably guilty. Hope everyone is having a great holiday.
  22. Loved the video. Used to have a cat that played like that with our 95 lb German Sheppard.
  23. Thanks Maddy, I miss the snow too. Looking out the window of a nice warm, snug house and seeing fresh snow blanketing everything is one of the joys of life, IMO. I used to live in Alaska, Fairbanks and the "bush", where it didn't snow much but once it did it usually stayed until the spring thaw. I've lived other places in the US where the continual snow-freeze-melt-slush cycle wasn't as enjoyable. So I guess I'm content to be in FL even though I just turned on the air conditioning today because the heat and the humidity has gotten so bad the last few days. Hope everyone is appreciating wh
  24. I although I don't post to this thread I almost always check it out. I especially like the animal pix. I saw a sign on a car this morning I thought you all might appreciate: "Wag More Bark Less"
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