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  1. Thank you!!! I'm going to try all this out when I get home in a bit. Singularity looks nice, I just got a poor impression at first. But I admit, it was rushed and brand new. So I'm not sure why I expected to "know it" like I do firestorm. I'm glad I have a great alternative to fall back on. Thank you again!
  2. Thank you for this! I didn't know. Of course, they don't promote it. Of course, they want to sell their own. But this is great to know. How would you think the smartest way to go about that is? I don't think going sim by sim looking for owners and asking them if they want to sell is a good idea lol. And probably a complete waste of time. But should I ask around, look on classifieds, etc.? I'm not familiar with using classifieds. I'm still unaware of how to organize events properly lol. Any info helps!
  3. So... I have a feeling that 75% of SL residents have never read the LL ToS. Be careful, you may be chosen to be the center link of the new Human CENTiPAD...
  4. Lol dang, that must've been crazy it would be kinda odd to see yourself. Even tho it's not RL and looks nothing like you, or your new avi, still pretty eerie lol. And it's convenient you mention that about getting ghosted. My friend, who's in the UK, always seems to stick around after getting disconnected. I have no clue he's gone, avie is still AO-ing, and it never says he logged off OR logged in. He just begins to speak and apologizes lol. But I ask him why, you never left! Lol so that's odd. It hasn't happened to me, I don't think. I'm sure my friends would tell me if I was being an antiso
  5. I kinda feel dumb, but I'm still not clear on it. I read this link and it explained the logistics. But all it said is that for a private region, I will be billed $1,000 USD to my on-record credit card, then $295 monthly for basically maintenance fees. Which they're calling land use. But it's still not mentioning any kind of payment options for the set up fee. I mean... I would love to own my own estate. But I can't afford that set up fee all in one shot.
  6. Let me ask this, does LL provide payment options? Or do they want the full amount up front? Cuz if I can pay the $300+ (or a tad more) directly to LL, then that would be good. But not sure what the regulations are on that.
  7. The $1,000 fee is just... I don't know. "Insane" is a word that comes to mind lol. Well, for me. But maybe I can somehow talk my renter into giving me full rights, based on my 2 month payment ahead of time.
  8. Lol I agree, it's just not my preference. But I didn't know about the draw distance button and I honestly didn't spend time searching hard through preferences. But at a glance, I didn't see any water settings. The settings under graphics were pretty minimal. But, I never used it before and it was a last resort due to my firestorm flub. But I'll definitely search through it and learn it better so I can be as savvy with it as I am with firestorm. Thank you two for the input!
  9. I can't imagine being perma-logged. Glad it's fixed.
  10. Lol the LL viewer is about 4x better than Singularity as far as user kindness lol. It's just... Ugh. I feel like I'm running a Windows 98 UI. Just... Bad.
  11. I know this all sucks monkey rectum... But I would love to see the "convergence" of myselves lol. That's just on some weird doppelgänger stuff lol. Sounds interesting. But I'm sure the actual convergence itself isn't anything special. Sounds kool tho. And as far as ghosting goes, it does still happen. But easily fixed. Just test the default avi then put back on the saved outfit you had on. That's all I've ever had to do when that happens. I've never been perma-logged tho. Glad they fixed that long ago.
  12. I can log in to the LL viewer and Singularity with little to no issue. I thought I may have been restricted or something too. But no, I got in fine. It's just Firestorm.
  13. I remember seeing an "initial set up fee" when I was looking into LL land. Is that USD or $L? Hopefully $L lol. And you're absolutely right, the estate owner I have is never on, leaves everything to the managers. Which can not do more than I can, besides answer a few simple questions. Besides the EO rights, is there any perks to buying from LL? I'm just trying to see if the fees and money are worth the two extra rights that I know of. 1: renaming the region. 2: Installing RAW files.
  14. Are their any benefits or drawbacks by getting a sim directly from LL or from a private renter? I have a private renter right now, but I do not have ALL the rates, due to me not being the estate owner. Such as, installing RAW files for my terrain. I have to contact a manager, they have to contact the owner, then u have to wait until he decides to log on in order for him to install it for me. Which is a big inconvenience.
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