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  1. Worked for me! I was using Alchemy and it always did it. I have Catznip viewer too... I don't know if that does it and I'm scared to try haha Official SL viewer works fine.
  2. SL isn't especially demanding. Any mid-range gaming PC should do it. Hell even low-end ones will probably just about cope! Just focus on graphics card and RAM, although of course the other components have to be passable to not significantly bottleneck the machine. It really depends what level of performance you desire. I play SL at mid-high and I'm pretty content
  3. I actually tend to find FS and other less stable than the official viewer, at least in Windows. But that's just my experience
  4. Just erm, newly single and would love to meet someone cool who I click with :) I'd be happy taking it into reality as well as SL! So yeah erm, I'm 30, friendly and positive, I like hanging out, gaming, music, technology, anime/manga, attempting to be self-employed, natural health, hippyish stuff and lots of stuff like politics, theology, cultures, science etc. So yeah erm, let me know if you want to chat! Peace! Mike :)
  5. Just the little niggles that I think would make a big difference if smoothed out! 1) Remove that silly look follows cursor thing! I have to explain to everyone who plays how to turn it off just so their avatar doesn't gaze around like an idiot! lol :) 2) Change the default avatar animations. I'm not sure if this has been done already, but the clunky-looking default animations put me off SL a few times when I was a newbie 3) Improve the Destinations panel a bit! It feels very simple... I really think it could be made into a much more welcoming and fleshed-out hub of suggestions that would he
  6. Hello peeps! I have a question! I am looking for an area to socialise in in SL... kind of... ambient and calming, with a focus on carefree interaction with others and beauty and... I guess I miss another game called Phantasy Star Universe, which had wonderful social hubs (unfortunately, PSU is no longer online). I'll post a video or two of it, and maybe you guys can let me know if any nice places on SL come to mind? If not, I might create one :) Thanks, guys n gals!
  7. Just wanted to bump this as it's still bugging me haha I take it there's been no progress? I am genuinely looking at alternatives to SL because I see it as very significant >.< Also... it's the only thing that bugs me when I'm recommending the game to others, as otherwise I totally love SL. Come on LL!!! I love ya dudes but you need to fix this!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I actually didn't mean the proper established group chat, maybe what I meant was "multi-user chat", like when you invite another person to a private conversation and then you all chat. However, both forms of group chat appear to have similar issues so they're probably facing exactly the same problem(s).
  9. Doesn't it kinda suck? Why don't they fix this? So many bugs are fixed in SL I know and I really, truly appreciate that but... group chat is REALLY important for a social game. Why hasn't this been done? I find it terribly laggy and sometimes it loses messages and sometimes it just gives up completely. What gives? :( Is there any way around this, or?
  10. To be honest, I'm the sort of person who would just put that little bit longer into working in RL to support playing SL! But if you do want to make money in the game itself... I'm new as well but I would imagine the approach is similar to real life. What you need to think is "What would make people part with their money and give it to me?"... like, anything that people will happily give you their hard earned (Linden) dollars, is probably a good idea! Usually I spend my Linden dollars on new gear for my avatar (which can of course be made and sold) or tipping DJs (so of course you could
  11. ah yes I have an Android client! I use Lumiya but I'm reading there is a free one too called LittleSight. Doesn't help me now because I already paid the £1.80 for Lumiya, but might be good for other peeps! Is the Mobile Grid Client good? I heard it was kinda pricey? EDIT -- Oh wait you said Grid MANAGER, sorry
  12. haha thanks - I particularly like my parrot but yeah it's been mega fun! And on Facebook I'm Hoppimike (and on SL) so... yeah! Do you guys use any kind of text/2D client too for when you can't run the full client or want it as more of a background thing? I have been using Metabolt
  13. Thank you! Although I still can't work out how you guys have those cool background pictures behind your display pictures here on the forums...
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